10 Days of Homeschooling For First Year Families Day 3 Homeschool Blogs

Good morning, we are  back for Day 3 in our series of 10 Days of Homeschooling For First Year Families. I am sure by now your head must be spinning. Once we started homeschooling I can tell you my head was spinning and I didn’t think it would ever stop spinning. Especially when I begin to research ideas and resources for Homeschooling.  With that being said I thought we would have a little bit of fun and  I would share some tips with you for Day 3.

 10 Days of Homeschooling For First Year Families Day 1 Laws

The first step is to find some Homeschooling Blogs through Google or Facebook  once you find some that you like and Bookmark because as a Homeschooling mom Bloggers are what kept me sane. Also, ask your friends and family as they might know of some bloggers who homeschooling and ask in your community especially at your local library.

Once your find the bloggers you want to follow check out both Instagram and Pinterest as both have a lot of different Homeschooling Ideas on them. Make sure you follow some bloggers on both sites and begin to set up Homeschooling boards on Pinterest .  Now, let me give you one tip about Pinterest do not become obsessed with Pinterest and get lost on there and spend all of your time pinning boards as it can happen. Once you have found items on each Pinterest and Instagram create a Google Spreadsheet and write thing done you see you would like to teach your students. As you do this make sure and include the links to the websites so you do not have to spend hours hunting for them.

Another suggestion I would like to make is to always carry a notebook and pen with you because when your out and about you will find items you want to use in your classroom to teach your students and by the time you get back home you will forget them and end up upset with yourself. As your walking through  stores and you see items you think would fit into your homeschooling write down there websites. Once your  home add them to your spreadsheet then  go look them up as they may have items you need in your homeschooling classroom.

Charlie I have found when we are reading books that if I visit the websites there may be activities we can do in school that I wouldn’t have known about if I didn’t take the time to visit those websites. Also when purchasing food check out there websites as well as you never know what you might find.

So for today I have 4 Tips for you:

1 Join Instagram and start to following other Homeschooling parents.

2) Do the same on Pinterest and set up boards you can go back to during the school year.

3. Set up both a Spreadsheet and Google Calendar and set them up with reminders for things you want to teach in your classroom.

4) Check out Youtube for Homeschooling Bloggers videos they have made to use in there classroom as you might be able to use them in your own classroom.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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