52 Week Money Challenge

52 Week Money Challenge

I have decided this year some how someway that both Charlies Birthday and Christmas will be easier and that I refuse to struggle over the Gifts we want to give next year.

So one thing I am doing is I am purchasing one Gift a week to go into my Gift Closet and in August I will start wrapping the Gifts I have bought. As I do not plan on sitting at the table the week before Christmas stressing out as I am not ready.

So with David getting a raise in December this will allow me to save money as well each week. So I had been thinking of collecting all the change during the week but with me not going out most of the week I wouldn’t have change to add to the bank.

So that defeats the purpose of saving money as I wouldn’t have any to save. So once again I decided to fully rely on God and allow him to show me the best way to save for this year.

When low and behold a email from Powered By Mom arrived and she talked about a “Easy Money Saving Challenge” she joined so as I read through her post I knew this was something I could do as well as wanted to do.

So I would like to invite you to check out the Easy Money Saving Challenge and let me know if you would like to join us in the Easy Money Saving Challenge.


It’s quite easy to do and the amounts are small so there’s no reason not to do it.  To help me remember to do this each week I will be putting it in my hard copy calendar. Now you can also use Outlook or Gmail calendar (any electronic calendar) or hard copy calendar so you don’t forget 🙂 As well.

Below are some more details but I want to know who wants to join me?  If you want to see who else has signed up Please check out Powered by Mom’s Facebook page.

money saving challenge

I love this money saving challenge chart which was Created by Powered By Mom.! You can either right click it and print it as a picture or you can print this 52 week money challenge  and you will have a handy hard copy 🙂

As for me I will be writing out in my calendar each week how much money I am to put into the bank. Only since we don’t use a bank and I am afraid if I keep the money in the house that it would get spent. I will be taking each weeks donation done to David’s moms to keep for me. As I know if I tell her not to give it to me for any reason what so ever that she wont.

I also plan on seeing if either Charlie or David would join us in this challenge because with each of us saving this amount of money for the year we would not only be able to purchase items for Christmas and Charlies Birthday but also a Vacation Trip and a Car.

How It Works

Obviously the 52 Week Challenge is based on 52 weeks in a year so you start with putting $1 into your savings account, then $2 on week two, $3 on week three etc just like the picture above indicates. Doing it this way you will save a total of $1378.00.  Some of you on our Facebook discussion mentioned that you’re going to do this backwards starting with $52 as some find money much tighter near the end of the year right after Christmas. I think either way is a fabulous idea.

So who wants to join me? Leave a comment below and let’s encourage each other. I will be posting either here or on Facebook once a month to say how I’m doing and we can all check in and encourage and support each other!

Thnak you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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