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As Charlie and I get ready to begin Homeschooling next week I have been researching tips to use in our classroom. So this afternoon I would like to bring you some Very Basic Homeschooling Tips for the Newbie, As I was thinking you or someone you know might beginning to Homeschool their students as well.

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Thinking of homeschooling? Maybe you jumped right in already! As someone who has never homeschooled before, the thought of starting out on your own can be daunting. You may be wondering how to even begin. What can you do to make it easy for yourself? Here are a few basic tips for every newbie who wants to homeschool their kiddos.

 #1. Join a Homeschooling Group

You are bound to have questions along the way, so who better to answer than fellow homeschoolers? Chances are there is a group local to you that you can connect with right away. While online communities are also great resources, checking out local groups will be beneficial too.  There are all kinds of local homeschool communities to join from co-ops to get-togethers to music groups, you’re bound to find a homeschooling group you enjoy!

 #2. Maintain Consistency Each and Every Day

An important key to successful homeschooling is to maintain consistency. The cool thing about homeschooling is you get to create your own schedule. The only thing is that you need to be consistent about it! Make sure the kids are ready to learn by a certain time each day. This will help the kids learn to be punctual, which is a highly important life skill. Being consistent on a daily basis will also help make your life less hectic. If you do one thing right in homeschooling, just be consistent.

 #3. Stay Organized! This Will Save Your Sanity!

The organization is incredibly important when it comes to homeschooling. The organization is truly the key to ensuring your homeschool day goes smoothly. You will not have to worry about putting lessons on hold because you cannot find the book that you need.  Keeping your things organized, will seriously help your sanity in so many ways.

 #4. Cut Yourself Some Slack

All these homeschool tips may sound a little intimidating, but do not worry. Every homeschooling mom had to start somewhere. With time, you will meet other homeschoolers, get a great schedule down, and the organization will come. Just cut yourself some slack and don’t get stressed out all at once. You’ll have good days and bad days, but stick with it!

 Now, don’t be shy about homeschooling. These very basic homeschooling tips for the newbie can help get anyone started.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie, and David Cates



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