Browsing Online Can Lead To New Businesses I Love.

Browsing Online Can Lead To New Businesses I Love. Which is what happened the other day when I was online looking for new businesses to add to this years Holiday Gift Guide. So I reached out to Stick 2 Me as they offer Custom Kids Labels.

Then I waited with baited breath to see if Stick 2 Me would answer me. And low and behold they did. And even though they didn’t want a spot in this years Christmas Gift Guide she was kind enough to check out all of my social sites and to follow me.

Which I had no problem doing as I had already knew I wanted to share Stick 2 Me with my friends and family. As the items are perfect for children who need to label there items.

Colle à moi

Or for homeschooling moms who have to take there children’s lessons with them when they are out and about. Or if there children goes to camp, or a Nursery as it would allow them to label the items. Which would keep the things they take from being lost.

Because when my daughter was in a Nursery and I would go pick her up. They was always losing her socks and bottles. And I kept having to spend money replacing them. And if I had Stick 2 Me I would have been able to save money. Which as a single mom would have been a God send.

So I would like to share with you the Monster Stickers I picked out for Charlie. As the owner was kind enough to send me a pack. So I would like to let you know the thoughts in the review are all mine and mine alone.

So if your looking for a gift that would be both something new and unusual then I hope you take the time to check out Stick 2 Me. As I know once you check out the website that you will want everything on there just as Charlie and I did.

Monsters Collection

Revenge of the monsters

Complete set

Includes 200 assorted labels ideal for school or day care. Identify clothing, shoes, pencils, dishes and many other objects.

Truck Collection

Vroum! Vroum!

Now I would also like to show you these trucks above as this is what David used to drive when he worked at the Concrete Factory. So I want to get this set for Charlie as well. As I know both David and Charlie will love them.

The only problem I would have with that is since they are personalized should I get Charlies name on them or Davids? Or just purchase 2 sets so both of them have a set? Because sometimes they aren’t that good at sharing.

Now if your looking for items to fill the Stockings on your Gift Giving list why not purchase a Gift Certificate as this way the recipient can chose which items they would like to have. And I am thinking about doing this for my niece and nephew. As there parents would be able to pick out ones they can use and that Lily and Jason would like.

Charlies school is getting ready to do a Fundraiser for the school. But like every school around her they are doing a chocolate fundraiser and most of us are burned out. So I want to talk to the PTA about them using Stick 2 Me. And so I thought you might want to as well. So Please check out this link and set one up at your children’s school.

 Then if your looking for a way to make some extra money don’t forget to check into the affiliate program Stick 2 Me has to offer us. As I will be joining it soon and I think you should as well.

So I would like to thank you for reading “Browsing Online Can Lead To New Businesses I Love.” And I would like to ask you to take the time to follow    Stick 2 Me one there social sites.





Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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