Charlie Is Struggling With Times Tables

One of the things Charlie is struggling with in school is his times tables. So this weekend I went and pulled out several workbooks for us to practice in.  So when I asked Charlie to open his workbook I could see he wasn’t happy about having to do more paper work.

So today while Charlie was in school I went online to find different way’s to get Charlie more enthused about working on his  multiplication facts and so I would like to share the items I found with you and see what you think of them.

Times Tables Card Games for Times Tables and Multiples

Times Tables | Card Game for Times Tables and Multiples

A great card game for learning, Times Tables and Multiples. The pack can also be used for individual tuition of Times Tables in a very visual way.

Multiplication & More Math Collection

Multiplication & More Math Collection

Kids discover what multiplication math is all about, learn facts through 12, and practice skip counting. Plus, they learn division math concepts and facts and begin working with fractions and decimals. Fun math songs and zany characters hold attention and get results. You will receive: Multiplication Rap DVD, Division Rap DVD, and Beginning Fractions & Decimals DVD.

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Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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