Come Meet A Alien through our Wordless Wednesday

Come Meet A Alien through our Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Announcement


Charlie and I was at Grapevine Mills Mall the other day and as we walked around we found this Spaceship. So I told Charlie it would be fun to climb inside and see what it would be like to be a Alien for a while.

Charlie and I as Ailiens

Charlie and I made up stories of what would happen if we was able to fly the Spaceship and land her on Earth. We also pretended we could go up to Heaven. So Charlie could meet his sister for the first time. As well as allow me to tell Suzzane good bye.

As I never had the opportunity as she was killed so fast and so unexpectedly. Although one of the last things she ever said to me was “I love you mom” and I am so grateful to that. As she knew I loved her as well.

With tomorrow not being promised make sure you tell everyone you know you love them. Then ask them what they would do if they were a Alien as it would be fun to see what others say.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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