It is Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

It is Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!


Welcome back to Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Before I share my post with you I wanted to share the tips I was sent from the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Share a Great Video

Everyone loves watching a good video. Find a YouTube video or one from TED Talks that you like (and that would be interesting to your readers). Share it along with your own comments.

Here is a good tip that goes along with this blog post idea – when people watch a video on your website (and it is a good one), they stay on your site! The longer someone remains on your site, the happier Google will be about your site! Video makes your visitors stick!

Don’t forget to share your Day 10 post first on your own website, and then head over to the Facebook group at and share the URL of your post with the group.

Here’s How works Twitter

Since it is time for me to up my game on all the Social Sites and Twitter is one site that confuses me I figured this video would be the perfect way to up my game.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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