Desra’s Custom Painting by Desra Harrington

Desra Harrington

Allow me to introduce you to Desra Harrington from Desras Custom Paintings aka Artfully Happy. As I was lucky last year to meet Desra right after she decided to start painting full time. Which led to me getting her to take a spot in last years Christmas Gift Guide.  Plus we worked several events together.  As well as helped her with garnering shows to showcase her Art in. As well as Scentsy. Yes, you heard that right she is also with Scentsy.

So since then Desra has opened up her own store in Breckenridge which is about a hour or two from me. I am sad to say I have not made it out to check out her business. But what  I can say is I am Blessed to know if I need something Desra would do her best to help me out.

So this morning as I was on Facebook working Desra popped on the chat to say hello. As we chatted I asked if she had any pictures for Fall and Christmas done. That I could share with you all and she said she didn’t. But that she would soon. So be watching for her Facebook page as she will post them on there when they are one.

In the meantime I would like to share with you what she has painted for Halloween as well as a event she is hosting. That I think we all should try and go to. As it is always nice to support “local women owned business owners”!!


On october 16th a Friday night come out to Artfully Happy and paint with me for only $20.00 it will start on time at 6:00. Be there by 5:45. I will be doing an invite so watch for it today or tomorrow! If you dress up for Halloween and win best costume you will get a treat or trick from me!

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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