Discover Our Child’s Learning Style

Today we will Discover Our Child’s Learning Style

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As I share my thoughts on the next class that I attended in the 2016 Digital Homeschool Convention. I would like to let you know Holly is the one who put  the 2016 Digital Homeschool Convention together and  I would like to ask you to take the time to stop by her Blog and tell her “Thank you”. Because if you have been attending the classes like I have I am sure you learned so much. And can’t wait for the next Digital Homeschool Convention.

Discovering your Child’s Learning Style and Teaching To It was one of the classes I was waiting for. As I thought I knew which style of learning Charlie was best but I wanted to make sure I was right and I was correct. Today I would like to let you know Charlie is a Hands On Learner and after listening to Holly I discovered I also am a Hands On Learner. Which didn’t surprise me at all as I love taking notes when doing things.

Today I would like to share with you there are  three styles of learning and after I share them with you you can look them up  and come back and share with me which style of learner you and your children are.

Hands On Learning



FYI Something I didn’t know is your children can have 2 different styles of learning which  Holly was kind enough to point out to me. So I am able to share this with you as  your children might need to have 2 different styles of learning.

Meet Holly

Holly is the founder of The Digital Homeschool Convention and blogger at The Fraggle Momma. Holly is married to Jason together they have 3 wonderful children. Holly has been homeschooling since day one with the delight directed learning principle.

On Holly’ s blog you can read about homeschooling, download free printable including meal plans, lesson planners and more! Holly also writes about working from home, parenting and homemakingDiscovering Your Child’s Learning Style and Teaching To It

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Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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