My Father Totally Amazes Me More and More!

My Father Totally Amazes Me More and More! Especially my father since my mother has passed away. As my family lives in a rental trainer and we are fine with that.

Although my father isn’t okay with it as he want’s us to be in a home we are purchasing. Which I can understand but with our credit we haven’t been able to purchase a home.

So yesterday they put a trailer up in our area that David has been wanting to get information on for the past couple years. As he has been wanting to buy it. So when it came on the market I called them and asked some questions.

Although even though my dad had given us 10,000 for a home they was asking for close to 14,000 and I figured my dad would come up. So I called them and found out that would make the payments over 1,000 a month. Which I refuse to do.

So this morning as I was getting ready to take Charlie to school my dad called back and asked me to contact the people who own the house and ask them what the payments would be if we put 25,000 down. Which I never would have expected.

So today all I can say is I am blessed and my dad is truely my hero. And now, that I know he will do this there is also a house at the end of the street I would love having so I am going back up to it this afternoon to see if I can find a number on it. And if so before we decide for sure on the trailer I will be able to give my dad two choices.

So Please pray for my family as we being our house search and that we pick the right home for our family. Because once we put the down payment down on the house we will not be able to move ever.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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