I Feel Like A Parent I Have Failed Charlie

As a parent it is hard to admit to our children when we fail. Although this time it failing affects  Charlie. This morning  I would like to admit to everyone that “I feel like a parent I have failed Charlie in his school work.

I knew going into 4th grade Charlie would need to be on a higher level in reading and also be faster in math. Once school was out for the Summer I had all these plans where Charlie would read each day. As well as work in his workbooks on reading and math.

So off to the library I went to sign Charlie up for there Summer Reading Program. Then down to the school to check out books. I allowed Charlie to pick out books he wanted to read. Although he didn’t read them and then it was time to take the the books back to the school.

Each day I walk past the books I purchased for Charlie along with his Comprehensive Curriculum workbook granny Sherry purchased for Charlie. As it sits on the dinning room table and I think okay today is the day we are going to start working in the book. Which doesn’t happen so knowing it hasn’t happened we are wasting Charlies grandmothers mone

So as we progress through Summer we are less than a month away until Summer is over and school begins.  I have to turn things around and make it a point to sit down with Charlie each and every day and work in his workbooks as well as get Charlie  to sit down and read to me.

As I begin this on Monday all  I can say is please Pray for me as I need to become more faithful in helping Charlie with his homework. As well as making Charlie sit down to read the books he needs to read.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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