Finding Things Kids Are Interested In To Keep There Interest Can Be Hard

Finding Things Kids Are Interested In To Keep There Interest Can Be Hard

As I was sitting down today to do some work on my site I wanted to find something that would keep Charlie busy. So off to Educents I went. Where I did a search for cars. As I had gotten Charlie some Robot items to do the other day.

So here is some of the car items I found for Charlie. Now if you have taught your children about cars, or transportation what did you use for the class? Is there a link of the items you used that I could see? As I know I will need more than the items I found on Educents to keep Charlie busy.

Car Games Quick Reference Guide

Car Games - Quick Reference Guide

Road trip car games can take the tedium out of child’s long car ride with this great quick reference Guide! Over 20 car games are described in an easy to follow format that is designed to keep young ones busy.

Now even though this is geared toward the car since I needed Charlie to sit still so I could work just like being inside a car I went ahead and decided I may get it for Charlie. So he can use it inside the house as well as when we are going places in the car.

It’s  Fun to Draw Cars, Planes, and Trains

Then to help Charlie keep working in his handwriting, spelling and reading I  found him a Car Themed Copywork for Beginning Writers- 8 Pages of Fun. These was created by Homey Homeschool Mama and homeschooling moms always know exactly what we need.



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