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Good morning, Welcome to this week’s Gluten-Free Cooking Tuesday’s. This week I am here with a new recipe created by Savvy Saving Couple. I just love the banner or Amy & Jared’s blog. The logo is an old-fashioned camera. Isn’t it just adorable?

They were kind enough to share with us a recipe for Gluten-Free-French-Toast Casserole with Raisins Recipe. I know both my mom and David would enjoy these as they like Rasin Bread. Gluten-Free-French-Toast Casserole with Raisins Recipe reminds me of that so I can’t wait to make this for David for breakfast.

Mommies Reviews Gluten Free Cooking Recipe

Although for Charlie and I will need to make us some without Raisins as neither of us cares for them. We both love French Toast. Especially with Powdered Sugar and the more Powdered Sugar, we have, the better our toast is. With Charlie still having issues with his stomach I can’t wait for him to try Gluten-Free-French-Toast Casserole with Raisins Recipe without the Raisins to see if it bother his stomach or not. I am beginning to believe Charlie has issues with Gluten.


Besides the Gluten Free recipes, Amy & Jared share on Savvy Saving Couple. You will also find the following items: Family Life, DIY, Crafts, Healthy Living, Recipes, Beauty, Family Fun. I can’t wait until I have more time to spend on their website as there are so many items I found that I want to read that I could spend all day on here and still not be finished looking around. If you visit Savvy Saving Couple stop back by and let me know what you thought of there Savvy Saving Couple.

Hi everyone, we are Amy & Jared a husband and wife team of Southeastern Massachusetts based bloggers (50 miles south of Boston) that are always looking to inspire, create and share visually appealing content. We are professional digital content creators that specialize in recipe development, recipe recreation, food photography, sponsored posts, and family fun. Our writing style is down to earth and easy to relate to.


Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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