God Lead Us On A Trip This Weekend

This weekend my dad was due home as he needed to see his nurse on Monday so they could set up his medicine for the week. On Friday morning my brother ended up coming back and was able to go with me to school for Charlies award ceremony. Once we got back home dad and I went to the store to get a Birthday Cake for Gerald while he rested.

Once David got home he cooked dinner for us and we all sat down to eat. Once we was done eating dad went to take his medicine and then he came back into the kitchen to ask if dad was ready to go home. Which caused a huge argument.  Charlie tried to give Gerald his cake and he refused to take it.

I was so mad I asked David to take me to the store so I could blow off some steam. Once we returned home we noticed dad’s car was gone. So I was afraid Gerald had pushed dad until he went ahead and left. So I walked into the house to check dads room and he was laying down. So we had to figure out where Gerald had went as he hadn’t said anything to anyone.

So we wait all night for Gerald to come back only he never does return. On Saturday afternoon I call Gerald’s phone and he actually answers. I ask if he is coming back to get dad and he says no, he isn’t. I remind him if he doesn’t come back because he had returned to Oklahoma that David would need to take the day off and we couldn’t afford it.

Gerald wouldn’t budge so we all scramble to get things ready to leave that evening. David calls his boss who understands and just tells David to be safe. We go get the van ready and grab some hamburgers while we are out we decide to leave on Saturday morning between 5 am and 6 am. Depending on how soon we can get out of the house.

Sunday morning we get up David makes coffee and dad takes his meds. While Charlie and I load the van. Once everyone is ready we pile into the van and head out. We make it safely to Oklahoma and stop to have lunch with dad before returning home. As we are driving we all agree to drive straight through. Although, God had other plans for us.

Be watching for part 2 of what happens and who we meet on our way home…

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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