Grime couture fashion brand RUCKUS unveils new line

Grime couture fashion brand RUCKUS unveils new line

Now let me tell you something I should have been through with my Christmas shopping long before now. But unfortunately I am not finished. As I still need to get David a couple more things. So today as I was online I found a new site called Ruckus.  So I would like to let you know they offer Grime couture fashion brand RUCKUS unveils new line .

So I went and looked around the site and I found this DFW Bomber Jacket that I know David would like a lot. As well as a Bomber jacket for myself as well.

The grime couture fashion brand RUCKUS unveils new line for 2017.

RUCKUS Launches Winter Clothing Collection to Inspire Humanity
Prayer for Reconciliation is an apparel line and fashion film that uses the language of fashion to bring people together.

The grime couture fashion brand RUCKUS introduces their new winter collection of thought-provoking pieces that speak volumes about the human struggle.

The collection, entitled “Prayer for Reconciliation”, focuses on chunky sweaters and wardrobe staples that are raw and unaffected.

“We dig deep when we design. Our intent is to inspire people to find the strength to do good for others,” RUCKUS co-owner Josh Schmitz explained. “I feel like our clothing and message are needed more than ever in light of the current political clime where friend has turned against friend.”

Their new line focuses on universally flattering cuts, a unisex appeal, and powerful imagery to make a point.

The idea is to emphasize that everyone, regardless of race, class, sex, or creed, has the power to bring about change by his or her actions.

They chose the four horsemen to symbolize these ideals, using them as a reminder that there is despair and injustice in the world, but once it’s recognized it can be corrected.

“Our actions of love are the things that set us apart from all others,” said Schmitz. “We want our clothing to remind people they have the power—no matter how flawed they see themselves—to actually change lives, including their own.”

The collection features their signature Deathcrew lettering on white tees and black crop tops, a cozy charcoal knit tunic, slouchy knit sweaters, a polo reaper dad hat, a blazer trench coat, a wool overcoat and a gammit of accessories.

RUCKUS’ Prayer for Reconciliation will be available online as well as at their industry leading flagship store Bellwether, where coffee shop meets retail storefront in Denver, Colorado.

RUCKUS is a grime couture fashion brand that asks their customers to push themselves harder and farther than they thought possible. They believe there is no patron saint of mediocrity, and this belief is reflected in their designs, quality materials, and commitment to creating a brand that cultivates a real community rather than just a product.

Review their entire LOOKBOOK here:

Thank you for taking the time to read “Grime couture fashion brand RUCKUS unveils new line “.Don’t you think Rukus Apparel would have made a nice addition to this years Holiday Gift Guide?





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