Groovy Lab in a Box Is Much More Than Science Supplies

  Groovy Lab in a Box Is Much More Than Science Supplies                     

Good morning, How are you this morning? I have a question for you are your children ready for school? My son Charlie isn’t and it is driving me up the wall as he is still sitting on the couch. You see David is home this morning and he doesn’t push Charlie the way I do to get dressed and get out the door.

So I am trying to sit her patiently and work while they work out there problems but let me tell you it hasn’t been easy to be quite. Until,  I found this new post for Groovy Lab in a Box. Both Suzzane and Charlie enjoyed Science I would like to order Groovy Lab In A Box for Charlie.

I was thinking about Groovy Lab In A Box  I thought you might want to check it out as well as it would make a great addition to Science Homeschooling or for the teachers your children have. Or even as a Valentines Gifts for the Science lovers in your home.

                            Groovy Lab in a Box Is Much More Than Science Supplies

What problems have you solved today?  Every day we are challenged with solving problems, and as adults, we don’t think about the process that goes into finding a solution because we have years of practice. We learned at an early age to be problem solvers.

Groovy Lab in a Box wants to help children be problem solvers too. They foster creative innovation of children, beginning in their early informative years, by enticing their innate curiosity and determination through the engineering design process.

What is the Engineering Design Process?


Engineering Design Process

NASA’s example of the Engineering Design Process “involves a series of steps that lead to the development of a new product or system.” In fact, all engineering design processes start with the identification of a problem, or asking of a question to a solution or conclusion.  Educators around the world use varying steps in a design process.


Here’s how Groovy Lab in a Box does it

Each month STEMists receive a subscription box that focuses on a certain theme. The box provides all the supplies necessary to complete the investigations, experiments and design challenge outlined in a retro-style custom, subject-specific lab notebook.  However, their boxes don’t stop there. Through the contents of their boxes, Groovy Lab in a Box encourages children to channel their inner STEMists, guiding them through the steps of the engineering design process. In fact, the engineering design process is central for completing the activities in the box.

Next, children brainstorm on how they should complete each task based on the information they learned and discuss creative ways to design their project.  Then, they will plan how to build the design.  Once the STEMists build the design, they test their design, and observe and record the result.  The last step is to redesign it to fix any problems that may have occurred in their first design. STEMists go through this process with each of the activities, putting to good use the groovy lab notebook that guides them through the engineering design process.

Groovy Lab in a Box has closely aligned its mission with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in teaching STEM to students. STEM education and learning through the engineering design process is imperative to our future.  Groovy Lab in a Box, like many educational organizations and STEM-driven companies, agree that America is behind other major-playing countries in teaching and learning STEM.

Thinking outside of the box

The lessons don’t stop with the box delivered to their subscribers’ doors.  All STEMists continue learning through access to “Beyond…in a Box,” a unique web portal containing videos, interactive activities to supplement what they are learning through the box projects.










Groovy Lab in a Box challenges children to create their own designs by using the engineering design process and to think outside the box. Would you like Groovy Lab in a Box delivered to your door step? Check out their subscription options and get started today!

I would like to remind you inside this post “ Groovy Lab Is Much More Than Science Supplies” is my affiliate link and if you click on the links inside this post I will make a small percentage from the sales of items you purchase.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates   



























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