Guide to Renting the right Bouncy Castle

Guide to Renting the right Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles are visually amazing attractions that effectively elevate the fun and excitement during any indoor or outdoor event. While the size and bright colors of inflatable bouncy castles can boost your celebration, the fun interaction inside is the main highlight, whether it is a challenge on the inflatable obstacle course or bouncing around the jumping castle.

There are a number of things that need to be considered when you are thinking about renting the air-inflated entertainment of a bouncy castle. Inflatable jumping castles are available in a variety of modules, sizes and shapes as well as inflatable challenges, obstacles, bouncing areas and slides.


Begin by considering the event that is being organized. Being prepared by planning ahead makes it much easier to choose from various sizes and options that are suitable for your needs. Knowing the type of event such as a company party, team building retreat, corporate event or birthday party helps to determine the theme or aesthetic of the bouncy castle as well as a unit that is age appropriate.

It is also important to be aware of the number of guests that will attend or the size of the event to choose a safe and efficient bouncy castle. Size restriction will be based on the amount of space available and whether the event will be held indoors or outdoors. Rent a bouncy castle here.


  • Ensure that you choose a suitable location for the jumping castle and focus on picking a designated area for the bouncy castle. This should ideally be a flat and even surface. An uneven surface may compromise the comfort and safety of people when the unit is in a slanting position with the risk of people piling on top of each other or falling in one direction.
  • The jumping castle should have an adequate amount of space on every side, including ample height clearance. This ensures the air blowers that inflate the castle will have enough room to take in air along with anchorage for the unit.
  • If a power source is required, the bouncy castle needs to be set up next to a power outlet or connected to electronic extension cables or cords.


  • It is advisable to appoint someone in advance for the purpose of monitoring or supervising the jumping castle. Rather than assuming that someone will be responsible for the bouncy castle, it is important to communicate clearly to keep the situation safe.
  • Supervising the bouncy castle involves making sure that the number of participants is within the specified limit. Inflatable bouncy castles feature weight restrictions and the unit should be used accordingly.
  • Stopping inconsiderate actions and unruly behavior can help to prevent injuries.
  • A ‘no shoe policy’ is recommended as well as avoiding jewelry or sharp objects that are hazardous to other people and the jumping castle.


For events that are being hosted outdoors, weather conditions will determine the practicality of setting up the bouncy castle outside.  Weights such as sandbags can be used to anchor the unit. Severe winds may lead to the bouncy castle becoming airborne. If weather conditions are extreme, the unit should be deflated to minimize the risk of injury.


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