Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp

Charlie and I both love cats and would like to have one of our own. Although David isn’t to crazy about cats so he will not let us have one. In fact David says he is allergic to cats and that isn’t true as I had one right before Charlie was born. Although every chance David got he would try and give Curious George away and finally he was able to as he gave it to my upstairs neighbor.

So Charlie and I have adopted our neighbor’s cat who they call Teenager. As Teenager only comes home to eat and sleep then he wants back outside to wander around. This makes Charlie and I worry Teenager isn’t getting enough food. So today I would like to share with you Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp.

I was sent some of these to try and since we found some baby kittens under our trailer and wasn’t sure who the mom is or if she has been feeding her kittens. Charlie and I took our Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp  outside and feed the kittens. As we feed them we could tell they was hungry and that they enjoyed Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp as they ate it all up in one setting.

David, Charlie and I have decided to purchase more of the Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp so if we end up with more kittens or Teenager ends up hungry we will have food for the cats. Plus, we can purchase Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp to take on trips as it will not spill when traveling to my brothers who has cats.

In the past I have purchased dry cat food for the cats as David says wet food is messy, stinks and can cause the cats to have stomach trouble. Although this didn’t happen with the cats we feed because not only are our cats but cats nationwide are going “pawtastic” over Hartz Delectables SqueezeUp treats, the first interactive wet cat treats.

The Hartz Mountain Corporation announces their “Pawtastic!” campaign featuring videos of “celebricats” including Venus the Two Face CatCoby the CatWhite Coffee CatHello Luna RoseHobbicatsN2 Cat Crew and Roothekangaroo “going crazy” for SqueezeUps on the company’s social media channels in July and August 2017

Delectables SqueezeUp, available in Chicken and Tuna flavors, is a rich, thick puree in a lickable tube that provides cats with a fun and delicious treat. “Delectables SqueezeUp treats allow cat parents to hand-feed their cats out of a tube for a fun experience for both cat and cat parent,” says Lester Ding, Brand Manager.

Ideal as an in-between meal treat or as a savory topper for dry food, Delectables SqueezeUp’s convenient, single-serve tubes provide cats with tempting treats made with real chicken or tuna, without by-products.

  Take a look at N2 Cat Crew going crazy over Squeeze Ups in this hilarious video.

I was sent samples in exchange for this review but the thoughts in this review are all mine and my families alone.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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