Guess Who’s Joined Our Holiday Gift Guide: Healtop

With today being a new week I wanted to share some new products I received from Healtop for a review I will be conducting for them. Now, before I share with you what I received from Healtop I would like to let you know the thoughts in this review are all mine and mine alone. No, one else. This review was brought to us through The US Family Guide.

Healtop feel great sweet feet is for athletes feet although if it helps keep people’s feet from stinking then I need to purchase stock in sweet feet. Because, Charlie’s feet would cause a grown man to faint from the smell. The sad thing is no, matter what we purchase for Charlie and his feet and shoes doesn’t work. In fact children in Charlie’s classroom make fun of him because of the smell coming from his feet and shoes.

sweet feet - 100% natural serum for athlete foot

The smell from Charlie’s feet also ends up causing Charlie to end up with athlete’s foot so I can’t wait to have Charlie try out sweet feet. Before I go on I would like to let you know  I also want to use sweet feet as I noticed my feet are breaking out as well and I am afraid  I am getting athlete’s feet. Also, I want David to try out sweet feet as he ends up with athlete’s feet all the time. I just wish we could figure out why David always ends up with it.

sweet feet– 100% natural serum for athlete’s foot natural and it is a natural oil blend for athlete foot.

Contains great natural effective ingredients such as: Almond oil, Essential oils: Lavender (lavandula angustifonia), sage (Salvia officinalis), Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens).
Effective, safe, vegan, GMP, ISO9000
Free of parabens, SLS, artificial scents and harmful ingredients.
This evening after we returned from Trick or Treating I asked Charlie to get a bath as his feet was itching from being in his shoes all day. Once he finished his bath I handed him the bottle of sweet feet and I explained how Charlie would put it on his feet. Once he had sweet feet on after about 5 minutes Charlie said his feet wasn’t itching anymore and they were less red. I also noticed Charlie’s feet wasn’t peeling as much as they had been.
I got Charlie up for school this morning I asked him how his feet was and he said they weren’t itching and his feet was smoother feeling. I asked Charlie if sweet feet burned when he put it on and he said it didn’t.  I had Charlie get dressed for school and before he put on his socks and shoes I used some more  smelly feet on his feet. Once Charlie returned from school I asked if I could check out his feet and he said after using smelly feet they didn’t burn or itch all day. Also they didn’t peel like they normally do. I can’t wait to purchase more smelly feet for our family.
 skin repair - special serum for irritated red skin
The next item we were sent was skin repair– special serum for irritated red skin and I wasn’t sure what skin repair was supposed to do so I jumped on the website and here is what it said: Aromatherapy oil to calm and rejuvenate irritated red skin

Contains quality natural and effective ingredients such as: prunus amygdalus dulois oil, citrus aurantus, bergamia fruit oil, boswellia, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, juniperus communis fruit oil, boswellia carterii oil, eugenia caryophyllata leaf oil, thymus vulgaris oil, salvia officinalis oil, citrus medica lim

Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, GMP

Once I found out skin repair would help red irritated skin I decided to try it out on the Heat Rash I end up with under my breast and in between my legs. So after I took a bath I started using skin repair and I could put my clothes on and they didn’t bother me like they usually do. I liked how skin repair didn’t sting or burn like a lot of items I have used in the past. The next time Charlie or David end up hurt or with a rash I will also be using skin repair on them as I want to see what they think of skin repair and if it works as well as on them as it did me.
The last product I was sent was called clear skin and even though as a Teenager my face very seldom broke out now that I am older it has been doing it more and more. So, I wanted to see if clear skin would help alleviate some of the issues I have been having. so once Charlie gets older and his face starts breaking out I would know of a product that contains natural items he would be able to use.
 I started to use clear skin I could tell a difference as the bumps on my face started to go away and none, came up while I was using clear skin. I was worried clear skin might burn as some of the spots had broken open only it didn’t burn my face. I also like how there wasn’t a overpowering scent when using clear skin  as I could use it at night when I was sleeping.
If you plan on checking out the products from feel great then you might want to check into the affiliate program as you will be able to make money off the items you or your family purchases. Also, you will be able to run feel great as a business so if you have been looking for a new business opportunity feel great just might be what you’re looking for.
You can purchase these items individually or you can purchase them in a bundle called teenagers bundle. I also like knowing there is a bundle for mom’s bundle as well as for moms over 45 bundle as this is what I am and my Birthday is on Saturday so I am going to ask David if he will purchase that bundle for me.
Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates
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