Heatworks is back with a new and improved tankless water heater

The more house shows Charlie and  I watch the more I want to redo our home from the inside and out. Or just pack up and move. As this trailer has so many things wrong with it. That is drives all three of us up a wall.

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So one thing we need to redo is buying a new water heater. Although we rent the trailer so I hate purchasing one and the land lord not helping us with the price. Because as you rent places the landlord should fix anything that goes wrong. Which doesn’t happen here.

So today David and I are looking into Heatworks tankless water heater and I thought you or someone you might know also might be needing a new water heater and you would like to check them out as well.

Heatworks is back with a new and improved tankless water heater. The MODEL 3 now comes equipped with a smartphone app to better control your water heater. With the Wi-Fi enabled Heatworks app, you can change the water temperature within a degree, limit the temperature of your children’s showers for a set amount of time, and monitor the amount of water your household uses. The Heatworks app offers an easy and smart way to look at your water consumption and energy usage, to help households conserve more water and save on their energy bill.

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Heatworks is a zero maintenance water heater built to last, made from graphite and engineered plastics that doesn’t rust or corrode, starting at $360. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have or I can connect you with Jerry Callahan, Heatworks CEO and co-founder of Blue Rhino.

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Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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