#HGG Sponsor Vitabath is for me!!

#HGG Sponsor Vitabath is for me!!

National Sponsor

#HGG Sponsor Vitabath is for me!! Suzzane and I always loved Bath and Body items and since she has been gone I usually do not buy any at Christmas. But this year is different as I have a new Sponsor in this year’s Gift Guide and it is Vitabath.

And I know there is a lot of people on our #HGG that would like to have these items from Vitabath but I am thinking I might just keep them for myself as everyone deserves to be Pampered. So why shouldn’t I be as well?

If you would like to check out Vitabath and there Holiday Bliss Scents you will find Vitabath has them in Spice Is Nice and Peppermint. They come in a fun pack or travel size bottles of all 4. Or in a set of Body Wash and Lotion in either scent.

I asked to try out the fun pack of travel sizes as they would be perfect to fit inside my Stocking. As well as inside my suitcase if we decide to visit my dad for Christmas. Or small enough that I can put them on a shelf and Charlie might not see them because if he does he would have to try them out and he might use them all knowing him.

Now if the Holiday Scents isn’t something you think you would like Vitabath has a whole line of other scents you could try out in a variety of sizes. There is even different samples so Santa if you’re listening Vitabath has a lot of different samples I would like to find in my Stocking.

Be watching after Christmas to see if I kept all 4 bottles of Vitabath or if I shared them and what I thought of them once I use them.

Thank you from the Cates Family

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