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This morning before Charlie and I begin our work I wanted to come and share this week’s Homeschool Blogger Shoutout with you. This week I am featuring Karyn from Teach Beside Me. On Karyn website, you will find Teaching Ideas, Books, Printables and a Shop. As soon as I saw there was a shop like all women who enjoy shopping I had to stop and take a look. On his website, I found quite a few items I can’t wait to purchase for Charlie and my school.

Mommies Reviews Blogger Shoutout

For someone like me who is new to Homeschooling, I was excited to see what all they have to offer us. As I found quite a few resources I can use in my classroom which will make teaching Charlie easier and also much smoother. So I hope you take the time to check out her website. Especially if you’re looking for Unit Study Printables or  Game Printables. As I have been researching how I can teach Charlie through Board Games.

40+ Edible Slime and Play Dough Recipes

Charlie and I will be watching my niece Payton this week. So I knew we would need something to keep her occupied. When I was looking through Karyn website and I found an article called 40+ EDIBLE SLIME AND PLAY DOUGH RECIPES This is the perfect way to keep both Charlie and Payton entertained. As Charlie has been asking if we could make some slime only I didn’t know how. So this morning I would like to thank Karyn for putting together this collection for us. As I know Charlie, Payton and I will have a lot of fun making and playing with Slime.

Hi! I’m Karyn.
I am a former teacher turned homeschool mom of four kids. I strive to make learning memorable and engaging for my kids and hope to help you do the same with yours! Contact me:
I hope you enjoyed learning about Karyn and her website. If you know of another Homeschool Blogger you think we should feature Please leave me a comment and I contact them to see if they would like to be featured. In the meantime, I wish you a Blessed week. Come and share with Charlie what you and your children are studying. As its fun to learn about other Homeschooling children and their classes.
Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie, and David Cates
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