Homeschool Resource Sight Words 7,8 and 9 for 2nd grade

Good morning, Can you believe it is already September? Where is the time going? This is week 3 of school for Charlie. So I wanted to bring you the Spelling Words for 2nd Grade.  Welcome to our Homeschooling Resource Sight Words Weeks 7, 8 and 9 for 2nd grade.  I hope these help you out in your classroom.

I have a question for you  do you use a workbook or a online Spelling program to teach your children spelling?  For our family we  have been using a workbook each year but Charlie is getting tired of the workbook and the spelling words in it are too easy for Charlie. Since this was the case  I have created this new Homeschooling Resource which contains the Sight Words for weeks 1, 2, 3 for 2nd grade. I also have 3rd Grade and also 4th Grade Spelling words if you need them.


Mommies Reviews- Sight_Words_Week_789- Grade 2

Homeschool Resource Sight Words Week 7, 8 and 9 for 2nd grade and time for Spelling.  I hope these Sight Word pages make spelling easier for you as  they have for me and David. With us doing the same thing in Spelling each week Charlie know what is expected of him each day and I can move on the things I need to do. Is it this way in your classroom as well?







For your spelling notebook you can use a spiral of even a 3 leaf binder that you put notebook paper in and the kids can design the front of the cover. Or you can download the cover able and decorate there notebook using the cover we made. As for Charlie and I we purchased a 3 Ring Binder with the plastic cover and it allows us to slide the cover inside it as well as that weeks words so even if the notebook is closed Charlie can still see his words for the week.

I put 10 pieces of Notebook paper in Charlies notebook each week. As this gives him one sheet for each day of the week and if he messes a sheet of paper up he has extra or if he needs extra paper he has some. This way there isn’t to much paper to overwhelm Charlie or distract him. Nor do we have to spend time waiting for Charlie to find paper to use.

I also put in a clear pencil bag with a regular pencil, a mechanical pencil, eraser, one highlighter to be used that week, a pencil sharpener  and a couple crayons encase we do any drawing that week. Along with a set of sticky notes encase one of us needs to mark something and get back to it quickly.

Once Charlie opens his binder I have a page with the things Charlie is required to have done by Friday. It doesn’t matter if he does them all in one day or one assignment a day. They just have to be done and checked for Friday morning. As we have a spelling test on Fridays and all work must be turned in and completed before Charlie begins his spelling test.

Here is what the front page would look like

This week I expect the following assignments to be done and completed no, later that Thursday evening and turned in on Friday morning before your Spelling test.

I   ( Charlie) agree to turn in all my competed Spelling assignments in on (   ) by 10am if not completed I will receive a 0 for that assignment. Anything 70 and below will need to be redone and submitted on Monday morning before class begins. Failure to do so means no free time the following week.

5 Assignments for the week of 8/21/2017

Write your words 3 times each in Cursive

Please put your spelling words in ABC order

Write the definition of each word using your dictionary do not use the computer.

Write a story using each of your spelling words

For extra credit Find at least 10 of your spelling words around the house and take a picture of the item and  bring the pictures to class on Friday.


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I would like to know what you use for Spelling. So leave me a comment with what you use. Also if there is something you are looking for spelling or even another Subject that you would like to see us showcase on here Please leave me a comment  I will see if we can make it for you or find it on another website.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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