Homeschool Resources

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Homeschool Resources is something I am always looking for as Charles Struggles in school. So I talked to his teacher the other day about helping Charles at home and she reminded me about Starfall. And so did Charlie once we got home. So this is the first Homeschool Resource I wanted to share with you. The Homeschool Resources  I haven’t used but I plan to soon.

Starfall.: Is recommended by our School

Abcya:  Perfect for Pre-K through 4th grade review.

Kahn Academy:  Kahna Academy helps with  math 

Typing Web: This helps our children learn the Computer and even I might use it.

Donna Young:  This site has printables, lesson plans, activities and much more.

Science Fair Central:  This site is part of the Discovery Channel and chock full of science projects and presentations.  Science Fair Central

Mission US:  This site has a ton of great information, games and resources for United States History lessons.   Mission US

Educents: Offers over 500 Free Printables from Handwriting to so much more. Educents Printables

K12 Is another site I have been told to try as a friend uses it. K12

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates