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 This morning, I would like to bring you a new Homeschooling Resource where you can get NonFiction books for our children to use in the classrooms. I like that there is a variety for us to chose from and that they come in different series. The books are great for boys and girls alike. The books are made for children between the ages of 9-12 although if you take the time to read the books to younger children and share what you learn with them these books would be perfect for children of all ages. I think they should be used in Homeschools as well as Public Schools alike.

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About Curious Kids Press

Curious Kids Press (CKP) is an educational publishing company, focusing on high-interest, nonfiction books for young readers. 

The two books I can’t wait to get Charlie is Get Ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics (for ages 9-12) as we are watching the Olympics this week so it would be fun to study them as Charlie watches them. As this will help him retain what he watches. As well as share the events with his dad who is at work and hasn’t been able to watch any of them.

The second book I would like to get for Charlie one he picked out. It is called  Let’s Visit African Wildlife.  The reason Charlie and I chose this book is it features Jamba, a 7-year-old second grader, and his pet giraffe, Gerard. Charlie wants to know how they narrator the book and what all they do in the book. Charlie can’t wait to learn about the continent of Africa and the animal wildlife. Which I also want to learn more about so this will be a cute book for us to add to our library.

The company primarily publishes books designed to help young explorers expand and enhance their knowledge and awareness of countries and cultures around the world. “A Kid’s Guide to…” series for ages 9-12 includes high-interest, informational texts on Ancient Egypt, Australia, China, Costa Rica, England, France, Kenya, Thailand, and South America. For younger readers (ages 5-8), a series titled “Let’s Visit…” includes Costa Rica, Australia, China, and African Wildlife.

Get Ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics (for ages 9-12)
“Good Info. Great text features. Great Photos. Great chart to track medal count.”

CONGRATULATIONS to J.R. Celski who has qualified for his third Olympic team!
Read more about J.R. and 14 other Team USA “Athletes to Watch” in
● Fun Facts About the Winter Olympics
● Handy, Easy-to-use Medal Tracker
● Large format:8 ½ x 11; full color; ages 9-12
● Published with cooperation from U.S. Olympic Committee
Available on 

 Let’s Visit African Wildlife is a delightful introduction for young readers (ages 5 – 8) to the amazing animals of Africa. The full-color, the magazine-style book introduces Jamba, a 7-year-old second grader and his pet giraffe, Gerard, who serve as the narrators and guides to the continent of Africa and the animal wildlife. The book is divided into three chapters: Chapter 1: Welcome to Amazing Africa; Chapter 2: The Awesome Big 5 (in African wildlife); and Chapter 3: Some Other Cool Animals of Africa. The easy-to-read text is complemented with high-quality photos, maps, and illustrations, all designed for the young explorer.

 Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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