I will never understand why no one uses communication

I will never understand I will never understand why no one uses communication. This morning I am frustrated once again by the lack of communication and respect when you call a business. Especially when asking questions about a home we would like to purchase.

David and I found a trailer we would like to inquire on purchasing. So  I called the realtor that owns the trailer we would like to purchase this morning to ask the questions my dad asked me to ask them. As soon as the lady answered I knew I would have trouble speaking to her as she didn’t speak very good English. Also she was very brisk and asked like I was bothering her for calling.

I asked her if the trailer was over $80,000 and they wanted over $13,000 down and the payments would be $1,000 a month what the payments would be if we put down 25,000 and she says $900 a month and it would still be a  10 year loan.

I let her know right away that didn’t sound right to me and no, I am not a realtor but just hearing what she said didn’t feel right.  Now the more questions I asked her about  the more  upset she was getting with me.

Finally she says I will put you through to the manager and he can explain things to you. I just said that is fine let me talk to your manager. Now the realtor also didn’t  speak very good English either. So I proceeded to ask him the same questions and he says a little over $900.

Once again I  tell him that it doesn’t sound right and that if that is the case I am not interested in his property. So I hang up the phone and just sit her and shake my head. As I know there is another home out there for us. As this must not be the right place or we wouldn’t be having this many issues.

So my question for you this morning is does this sound right to you? Have you purchased a home and if so did you get this kind of  disrespect? Or do you know a realtor we should contact to see if they can help us.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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