I Would Live To Introduce You To Suzzane

As you all know I  joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge and yesterday was “AMA” which is  “ask me anything”.  One of the comments I was asked was what happened to Suzzane.

Even though I have shared Suzzie’s story many times there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t end up mentioning her in one way or another as it helps me keep her memory alive and keeps others from missing out on things they should do on a daily basis.

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Before I begin Suzzane’s story all I can say is “GOD” needed another Angel that day and he picked out the best one when he called Suzzane home. I miss her more than anything and I wish she were still here.

I am grateful Suzzane  is in Heaven as she doesn’t have to live in this world and deal with all of the horrible things that are happening in the world on a daily basis. Like drugs, and guns and just bullying or people being mean to each other on a daily basis.

Although that isn’t telling you what you wanted to hear so this morning I would like to share Suzzane’s story with you. Now I may struggle her or there or leave parts out or you might have questions Please just ask as I don’t mind sharing her story with other. As I want to make others away of the kindness of others and also Organ Donors.

Suzzane was the kindest caring person and her life goal was helping others. On Nov. 28th Thanksgiving weekend 2004 Suzzane  asked if she would be able to go over to her friend Amanda’s house to hang out.

My ex husband didn’t think she should be able to go as she hadn’t cleaned her room. Although I went ahead and let her go with the condition that she would be home at a certain time to clean her room.

That Sunday I went on and did the things I needed to do around the house and around 11 am her and Amanda came home as they were hungry. Although I didn’t know they wereoutside as I was in the kitchen and looked out the window when I saw a policeman sitting in front of my house.

I started to the front door and Suzzane is climbing in the front room window as I had the front door locked and it was cold and she didn’t think I had heard them arrive. I asked why the policeman was outside and both girls said there wasn’t one.

I asked Amanda again and let her know if they didn’t tell me why Suzzane wouldn’t be able to return to her house that day. They said he picked them up and brought them home because it was too cold to walk.

Which I agreed with then I asked them what they had been doing. When Suzzane tells me she was out looking for a job as she wanted to make some money to give to her stepdad Everett so they could take a trip to Colorado to see his new grandson.

I don’t think I have ever been more proud of Suzzane than at that moment. I then asked Amanda what she was doing and she said getting a job so she could help Suzzane raise the money.

They went into Suzzie’s room to clean it and I went with them to help them  so she wouldn’t get into trouble with Everett. Once her room was clean we sat down to eat. Then they left  to return to Amanda’s house where they would be spending the weekend.

Around 3 pm they get back to Amanda’s home and Suzzane calls me and ask me what time I would be dropping off her change of clothes. As they wanted to see if  Everett would look at Amanda’s Karen’s moms car which wouldn’t start.

We made plans for me to pick her up at 6 pm  I let her know she needed to be at Amanda’s  as I didn’t want to have to look for them or wait for them to come home. Then I started to cook dinner as Everett would be home by 5 and be hungry.

While at Amanda’s there friend Ashley needs to return home and it is misting and kind of dark outside. So with her being in a wheel chair Suzzane decides to walk Ashely home.

They cross Carson street and get Ashley home safely and are coming back across Carson. When Amanda says I am not going to wait for the light to change in the crosswalk and starts across the street.

While Suzzane is waiting for the light to change to walk once it does she starts to cross the street when a truck strikes her and throws her 47 feet as he didn’t see Suzzane as he was watching out for Amanda who made it safely across the street.

Amanda watches Suzzane being struck by the truck and flying through the air and see her hit the curve and after that she says its all a blank. Other than people stopping to help.

At 5:45 my phone rings and Amanda is on the phone crying  I have trouble understanding her. A stranger takes the phone from her and tells me there has been a wreck and where I need to come to.

I ask for Amanda and they put her back on the phone and I ask her if it is bad and all she can say is yes, it is bad you need to get her now.

As I stand in my living room holding the phone  I have to figure out how to get there as Everett isn’t home and I don’t have a car. I try and decide if I can walk that far.

When I decide to  call my sister and her family who comes and picks me up. We head to the accident site where the girls are. As we arrive the ambulance is there and they are fixing to leave. I remember climbing onto the back of the ambulance so I can get to Suzzane only hey wouldn’t  let me in the ambulance or even let me look inside as they ware working on her.

My sister pulls me off the ambulance and puts me in the car and we take off to the hospital after finding out Suzcane was hit by a car and thrown 47 feet. So the question is did she die at the scene of the accident like the police officers said or did she die at the hospital like the doctors said or was she still alive when I took her off Life Support?

These are questions I will never have the answers to as only her and God could answer these questions. But one thing I never have to doubt is my daughter loved me as that is the last thing she said to me the day she died.

Please remember this tomorrow isn’t promised always make sure you take the time to tell those you love you love them. Even if your mad at them because one day one of you might not be here or they might not be and you would regret not telling them you love them. Hugs are free and should be handed out all the time.

If you haven’t thought of being a Organ Donor Please check into it as it can make a difference in peoples lives. As Suzzane was able to save over 7o people and I pray that one day I am able to meet them.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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