Ice Cream Social At Nash Farms

Last night Charlie, David and I were able to attend the Ice Cream Social at Nash Farms. Nash Farms is located in Grapevine, Texas. My family has passed Nash Farms a thousand times and never stopped to look around.

I do follow Nash Farms newsletter and get information on events they are hosting. So there have been lots of times I wanted to go to Nash Farms but the time wasn’t right until last night.

David, Charlie and I left a little our home early to drive into Grapevine as we planned on having dinner somewhere new we hadn’t been to before and it was fun just driving around looking at everything. Trying to find a new and different place to eat as Grapevine has so many restaurants with different types of food.

As it got closer to 7 we drove over to Nash Farms and ended up parking down the street in a Church Parking lot that said overflow parking as everything close was full. The over flow parking  wasn’t to far for any of us to walk from and helped me build my steps up as I hadn’t walked at all yesterday.

We arrived at  Nash Farms there was a lady greeting everyone and letting us know where to go. Since we had tickets I went asked if we still needed to go into the General Store as that was were she was sending everyone.

She let me know we would need to go to the General Store as well so we could turn in our tickets and pick up a small pen with a Ice Cream Cone on it  to wear. As the pen would allow us to get our free ice cream. Once we all had our pens we ventured outside.

Neither David, Charlie have  been to   Nash Farms before so we started walking around. I was amazed at all the different buildings and animals they had for us to look at. Charlie wanted to go into the barn with the tractors and I thought we would never get him out.

Once Charlie and David was done in that building we walked over to the Turkeys. Charlie started talking to the turkeys  and they spoke right back to him. It was so funny I could have watched them all night.

Then we went towards the pen with the sheep and Charlie kept calling them Lamas for some reason. Once we got close David started making sounds like the sheep do and they started talking to him as well.

So if I didn’t know better I would have thought I had Eddie Murphy who talked to the animals with me. Or that he had passed his talent on to David and Charlie.

David and Charlie finished with the sheep and all of the buildings and the other animals we walked further out into the yard and came to the old fashioned games. Charlie loved being able to try out the Stilts and David liked knowing they had horse shoes he would be able to throw.

My favorite game we would be allowed to play  was Croquet. Because as a child I  played it with my sister and brother. I would  like to get a set for David, Charlie and I to play when we camp out at the lake this Summer.

Once we finished looking at all the games and Charlie had a chance to climb in the tree we went and got in line to get our Ice Cream. I wanted plain Vanilla and ended up putting Chocolate Syrup on it and it was so good.

I love Homemade Ice Cream and seeing the Ice Cream Freezer like my parents and grandparents had was so neat. I loved being able to show it to Charlie. As well as Charlie getting to crank it.

Although Charlie only cranked it for less than 2 minutes and said it was more like 5 minutes and the Ice Cream was done. If he only knew what you really go through to make homemade Ice Cream he would have a different perspective.

So now on my wish list is a homemade Ice Cream maker and I don’t want a electric one I want one with a crane so Charlie has to work to get the Ice Cream made just as I did as a child as he will enjoy eating it more.

David and Charlie got into another line as they wanted a Root Beer Float and which they both said was yummy. I loved the Straws they served with the Root Beer Floats and wanted to bring them home.

I did hear a lot of the kids says they would prefer chocolate Ice Cream and my question is why as Vanilla is the best when it is home made. I liked how this Ice Cream tasted  so much better than what you would get in any store.

We finished our Ice Cream we walked around and listened to the music that The Lone Star String Band was performing. I  would have stayed longer to listen to the music but David had to get home so he could get into bed for work this morning.

Before we left we went into the house that was on the property and it was full of period furniture or antiques. As we walked around I had fun explain to Charlie what certain items was. Which was fun to  see Charlies expression and to hear the questions he would ask about the items we talked about. Charlie was most fascinated by the sink and how washing the dishes worked.

We walked through the house I was amazed at how big it was inside as it didn’t look like it from outside. I also didn’t think it would have as many rooms as it had. The kitchen was massive it was my favorite part of the house. As we walked through I heard other people comment on the size of the house as well and like me they was amazed by the size.

If I was able to I would like to have a house just like the one at Nash Farms.  As I loved the porch on the front of the house as well as the side of the house. Charlie he loved the upstairs and said he would take all of it for his rooms.

Inside was a cook stove that I would love to have inside my house. As well as a writing desk. The beds was awesome and I liked the way they where made. I bet I could get a good nights sleep if I slept in one of them.

I even saw a straw broom which I love sweeping with but David hates as he says they scratch up our hardwood floors. So my question to you is what does David know and would it mess up my hard wood floors? As Charlie and I not only need  those brooms we want them.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Nash Farms you should as they offer events and classes all the time. You can find a listing of them on there website. Plus Nash Farms is the perfect resource for those of us Homeschooling our children  as there are so many opportunities to learn while visiting Nash Farms.



Join us for a relaxing social evening of ice cream and Victorian lawn games.  The Lone Star String Band will accompany the evening with traditional old-time music.  Lawn chairs, quilts and picnics welcome.

If you need more information, please call 817-410-3185 or email

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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