ICE! Features “Twas the Night Before Christmas”

Yesterday my family was blessed to be able to attend the Lone Star Christmas Family Media Event featuring Ice! “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. After the Media Event we was also given tickets to there two-story, 12-lane Snow Tubing Hill. I was so excited to learn this years theme was “Twas The Night Before Christmas” as it has always been one of my favorite holiday books to share with my family. On Saturday evening  I reminded Charlie we would be attending the Media Event and Charlie couldn’t stop reminding me of things we had seen last year while visiting Ice!

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Now, I have a fun fact for you about Ice! This is there 14th year to hostIce! Every year except the first couple years has had a theme. If I had to let you know which year I would have most liked attending it was when Charlie Brown was there. Only at that time I wasn’t able to attend Ice! which is fine because the last two years have been a dream come through and something I never thought I would be able to take my family to.

On Sunday morning Charlie and I got dressed early  and then we went online and read “Twas The Night Before Christmas” so we could remind ourselves of the story and some of the things we might see while attending Ice! Right before we finished reading the story David walked in from work as he took off early as he didn’t want Charlie and I to go to the Gaylord Texan without him. I am telling you at times he is a bigger child than Charlie is.

Once David was ready we jumped into our car to head to the Gaylord Texan because it is about 30 minutes to the Hotel depending on the traffic we might run into on the way to the Gaylord Texan. Although, yesterday God was watching out for us and we didn’t hit any traffic and arrived to the Hotel safely once we arrived we pulled into Self Parking.

We got out and walked over to the elevators although the elevators were so busy we opted to walk down the stairs which was better for me as I needed the exercise. Once we entered into the Gaylord Texan we tried to figure out where the Yellow Rose Ballroom was. I saw a gentleman in the lobby with a Red Vest on and I asked him where the Yellow Rose Ballroom was and this gentleman was kind enough to take us through the lobby and show us how to get to the Yellow Rose Ballroom. With his directions we made it and didn’t end up lost because I am telling you if we had tried to find it on our own I know we would have gotten lost. I was so grateful they have employees or “Starts” as the hotel calls them  to help us. If you visit the Gaylord Texan and need directions just look for someone in a Red Vest and they will gladly  help you out.

Once inside the Ballroom we were served Brunch which surprised both David and Charlie as they thought we might have lunch. Although I much preferred the breakfast because they even had a Omelet bar where we could chose what we wanted them to make us. Once David and Charlie looked around at all the different foods including Scrambled Eggs which both Charlie and David was glad they had . Charlie says he could have stayed all day and eaten the eggs and sausage although he would rather go see Ice!

Stay tuned for our thoughts on Ice!

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Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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