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When you’re a kid, birthdays are incredibly exciting, and the highlight is having a party with all your friends. Unfortunately, parties can also be stressful for parents; all the planning, preparation, cooking, having hordes of screaming children to take care of, not to mention the pressure of attempting to make a perfect cake that looks just like your child’s favorite TV character. If you have been looking for party ideas on the internet then you may be feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of so much work. However, you may feel you are obliged to make an effort so your child won’t be disappointed. If you want the best party for your kids, but could do without all the stress and hassle, there are some clever ways to get both.

Keep it simple

Look at ways of reducing the workload and enroll as many people to help as you can find. Start by having a look at online resources that can make things easier for you, such as a free online invitation maker. Instead of buying lots of little gifts and spending hours filling up party bags, buy some ready-made ones or just have a big pick and mix basket. You could ask guests to bring a plate of cupcakes or a bag of pretzels with them to reduce the amount of food preparation. No child will be going home and complaining that there weren’t enough kinds of sandwiches or there were too few flavors of potato chips, so there’s no need to have elaborate displays of lots of different food. You could do hotdogs and fries followed by fruit and ice cream, it’s super simple to prepare, and the kids would love it.

Hand it over

If you truly want to avoid stress, let someone else take care of the party for you. There are plenty of party planning services that will organize and deliver the perfect party experience for you in your home or a hired hall. They will take care of the catering, entertainment, and games, leaving you to sit back and watch the kids having fun. Or you could book a party at a catered venue such as an indoor play center, adventure park or zoo.

Share the joy

If your child’s birthday is near to one or more of their friends’ birthdays, you could organize a joint party for both. It will only work if they are good friends and like sharing – if not it could lead to tears and tantrums! If you can share the planning, preparation, and expense with other parents, it makes life easier for both of you. Be clear about who is responsible for what before you start, so there’s no confusion, and everyone knows what they are doing and what they are paying for. It could also save money, as you will only need to hire one venue and one entertainer.

If you feel under pressure to throw a huge party, keep calm and think again. The truth is, there’s no need to go overboard – kids just want to play and have a few nice things to eat, so giving them the opportunity and space to get together with their friends is the most important thing.

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