It Felt Like Fall Yesterday

Good morning, Welcome to this weeks Wordless Wednesday. Being in Fort Worth, Texas my hear is torn for those in Houston and all they are facing this week. Please Pray for them as I know its going to take forever for the families to recover and some of them may never get over what there going though.

If you can Please reach out and help them either with donations of cash or go through your clothes and see what you or your family doesn’t need and donate them to the Red Cross. Also when your out and shopping you might think about picking up a gas card or cards to grocery stores or department stores so they can replace some of the items they might lose.

I know you might be saying I don’t have that much to give them think about your own family and how much you spend on a Fast Food meal for one person and how many times a month you purchase Fast Food and purchase a Gift Card for that amount. Because when I did that I have $50 I could send them. Because most fast food mean cost at least $8. sometimes more, sometimes less. So $8 x 4 = 32 so since I knew sometime I spend more than $8 or I might order Fast Food more than 1 time a week I rounded it off and sent them $50.

If I could get David and Charlie to do the same and if they decided $50 was a fair amount we would have been able to donate $150 and there is organizations we  can give them money to if they prefer doing that instead of purchasing Gift Card. So this morning as I sit her and look out my window at the beautiful day Please remember those in need and remember not on do they need physical items but they also could use Prayers and support. Especially a kind word if you see  someone struggling as it might be the only kind word they hear all day.


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If you or someone you know is in or around Houston and needs help Please leave me a comment and I will share there needs and see if we can’t help them. Because God forbid it but one day we might be in there shoes and would like for people to help us out if they could or would. Because kindness goes a long way.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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