Its Time For This Weeks Wordless Wednesday

Good afternoon, How are you today? How was your 4th of July? Charlie and I would like to share his new babies with you. As we have puppies, puppies and more puppies here in this house. So since its time for this weeks Wordless Wednesday we would like to bring you puppies, puppies and more puppies.

The smallest one is Baby and the one Charlie would like to keep. As for me I want the furriest puppy and he is the dark brown one. I named him Chewbacca although his name could be Escape Artist.

If you want to know how he got his name then I would like to suggest you ask Charlie as he can talk about the puppies for hours on end. So now, I have a question for you which puppy do you like and why did you pick that one out?

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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