Facts About Wrestler Cowboy Johnny Mantell

God works in mysterious ways just as he did when  Charlie, David and I went to check out the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum in Wichita, Texas.

We parked in front of the  Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. we got out of the car and went inside. Once inside we walked up to the counter. At the counter we purchased our tickets to get into the  Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. Once we had our tickets I started to talking to the gentleman behind the counter about how excited Charlie was to be able to visit the Museum.

Once we  got ready to leave the Museum that  afternoon I started to speak to the lady who was working there  she introduced herself as Lady Kay and showed us some of the matches she was in.

As we were leaving Lady Kay  let us know she was married to the gentleman behind the counter. Charlie and I looked at each other as Lady Kay asked if we knew who the gentleman was.

Both Charlie and I said we didn’t then  I asked David if he knew who the gentleman  was and he also said he didn’t.  So Lady Kay introduced him as Cowboy Johnny Mantell. Charlie, David and I all were so surprised to find out it was a professional wrestler  and that he was kind enough to spend time talking to us.

As we were leaving I showed Charlie a picture of Johnny in his wresting attire which were chaps and a cowboy hat. I let Charlie know I would take Johnny home in a heartbeat if it were possible. As I have always wanted my very own Cowboy. Although I wouldn’t trade David for a million dollars. So I left Johnny at the Professional Hall of Fame Wrestling Museum with his wife Lady Kay.

Johnny Mantell is the brother of fellow wrestler Ken Mantell

  • 2001: Johnny Mantell now trains race horses on his ranch in Montague County, Texas..
  • ~~~Injured in a MVA when the SUV he was a passenger in was forced off the road, then rolled 6 times, where the left side of his head was “de-gloved” by Highway 287.
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Heavyweight title defeating Chavo Guerrero (????, 1980);
  • Johnny Mantell left Los Angeles and went to work for his booking brother Ken Mantel in World Class..October 1980 ? February 1981 : Mid South Wrestling (Louisiana):June 1982 ? January 1986 – World Class Championship Wrestling (Texas):
  • Have you heard of either of these wrestlers? If so have you seen either of them wrestle? Or would you want to see them wrestle if they still wrestled?

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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