Are You Looking For Blog Hops?

Good morning, as you all know I have been looking for ways to grow my blog and to get in front of new audiences. Which leads me to Blog Hops because when we pin a post on someones linky it puts us in front of there readers and they may come and visit our site. Or they may take the time to share our post for us or pin it to there Pinterest board or even feature us as a host in there event.

As I begin my morning I would like to invite you to check out  Throwback Thursday Blog Style which is a event  hosted by Tots and Me… Growing Up Together  This event  allows us to share our blog post from the past. As I take classes and things to move forward as a blogger I have always been told it is important to re-share our post as they can be “ever green” but I never do this I just keep writing new content. Now don’t worry new content is nice and yes, we do need it but it  doesn’t allow the older post to be seen and sometimes the older post are what people are looking for.

Although this morning I have figured out a way to get at least one older post a week shared and it is by joining in Throwback Thursday and I would like to invite you to come and join us as well. Once your done linking up one of your post Please leave her a comment and thank her for hosting this event for us. Then check out some of the post she has written and try and find a new one and a older one.

Then if  you know of other blog hops we should check out please leave me a comment below and especially if the events are Homeschooling Linkies or Wordless Wednesdays or recipes as these are the main types I am looking for but I will check out anything you leave me a comment to.

   I was featured on here twice this week!!

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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