Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine Subscriptions

I have always loved magazines and can not walk into the grocery store without heading to the magazine aisle as I love seeing all the covers of the magazine. Only, sinceI have instilled my ,ove of magazines to Charlie I know I need to purchase some for him to read.

So I have been look online for ones I thought David and Charlie would both enjoy so here I am today with some I found which my family would enjoy. I hope there is some here you would enjoy as well.

In the meantime what is your favorite magazine and why did you chose it? Do you purchase it in the store or do you prefer to subscribe t the magazine and have it delivered to your mailbox?

The Family Handyman ~ $5.00

Reader’s Digest ~ $5.00

Popular Mechanics Print Access ~ $5.00

Entertainment Weekly ~ $5.00

Popular Science All Access ~ $5.00

The New Yorker All Access ~ $5.00

National Geographic ~ $19.00

Cosmopolitan Print Access ~ $5.00

Car and Driver Print Access ~ $5.00

National Geographic Kids ~ $15.00

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Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates
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