Medifast NEW Gingerbread Soft Bake

I would like to share with you my thoughts on Medifast NEW Gingerbread Soft Chew as I was sent several packets to try out. Before I share my thoughts with you I would like to let you know that even though I was sent some items for the review all the thoughts in the review are mine and my families alone.

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I was excited to be sent Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew as I knew it would be healthier than other snacks being served during the Holidays as it came from Medifast. Once Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew arrived I opened it and I was so surprised as it comes in a single serving package with a small pan you can fix Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew in. I love knowing you use the Microwave as it means it would get done sooner and I do not have to light the oven and heat up the house.

If you’re like David and I and do not have a Microwave then you can fix Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew in the regular oven. and it still doesn’t take a whole lot of time to cook as it is only 15 minutes which makes Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chews a fast and easy snack for every member of my family.

I love knowing Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew are low in fat and calories and that it tastes a lot like the Gingerbread my dad would make us kids for Breakfast on Sunday mornings. When I know my dad will be visiting I will make sure and have a box of Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew in the house as he has trouble cooking since having his Stroke and since he does not have to mix and measure this a perfect snack for him.

I showed Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew to David and he mentioned the packages would be handy for him to take to lunch and the ladies in his office would like Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew as they are easy to make and that they come from Medifast. As some of the ladies had used other items from Medifast.

As for me and my family, I wish I could say we had tried Medifast out but before this arrived we hadn’t heard of it so we hadn’t tried it out. Even though I am desperate to lose weight so after tasting the Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew David and I have decided to check into Medifast after Christmas to help us lose all the extra weight we need to lose. As it will allow us to be healthier and to do more with Charlie as well as not always end up out of breath and tired. Which is what has been happening to me.

I do not let Charlie have snacks with a lot of Sugar inside them so I was happy to find Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew has only 6 grams of sugar in each package as I do not have to worry about how much Sugar Charlie, David or I am getting when eating these snacks. Knowing this means Charlie will not end up hyper with too much sugar and not be able to focus. Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew isn’t as bad as a lot of snacks are on Charlie’s teeth. I also liked knowing Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew is low in calories as I will not have to worry that we would gain a lot of weight by eating Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew.

All in all the Medifast New Gingerbread Soft Chew  was a huge success and something David, Charlie and I plan on  purchasing again and something I can give as a Christmas Gift which is  why you will find it in this years Gift Guide on  so be watching for it to be added soon to this years Gift Guide.

The holiday season seems to bring out the best in everything; from the twinkly lights and decorations in the windows to the smell of hot chocolate and other mouthwatering seasonal favorites. And everyone knows the holidays aren’t complete without the rich, spicy flavor of gingerbread! The holiday season’s favorite past time is baking, decorating  and eating gingerbread houses and cookies—oh, what we do for  reliving those childhood days of being able to splurge on sugary-spiced cookies without the expanding waistline and holiday bulge by New Year’s.

Luckily just in time for the holiday season, Medifast has released its NEW Gingerbread Soft Bake that is low in calories and fat to bring you the sweet holiday memories while keeping healthy. This gluten-free treat is made with whey protein and the perfect dessert to satisfy your craving of holiday flavor. Plus, the Whey Protein makes for a great post-workout treat!


Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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