Meet the Teacher Was Last Night

Charlie has had to face facts that things are changing with school this year as one of his best friends Bradley isn’t returning to school with him this year. Nor will he be right next door as he is staying with his father every other week and might not be able to play at all during the week. Which is hard as it is Bradley our next door neighbor and Charlie and Bradley have grown up together and gone to school together since kindergarten.

Charlie and I discussed these change and he finally came to terms with Bradley not being here all the time  and was fine. Because Charlie said I  still have Aiden and Kayden in my school and they are in 4th grade with me.

Before we left to meet the teacher I tried to remind Charlie they might not be in his classroom. So off we went to meet the teacher and as soon as Charlie saw the list of kids who would be in his classroom his smile went away and I could see him tense up and that he was upset.

Because both Kayden and Aiden are in the same classroom and Charlie isn’t in there class. Which I am a little sad about but also excited as this will give Charlie a chance to make new friends. Because even though I hate to admit it I think Charlie and Aiden are growing apart.

So Please pray for Charlie this year as these changes are hard on him and it can interfere with his learning and get him into trouble. Because last night when Charlies teacher was trying to talk to him he was rude to her and this morning I have to address his attitude and make him aware he is going to apoligize to her.

Because school isn’t a place you go to to play and having your friends in your classroom isn’t necessary and it will be less distracting as you have no, one to talk to unless you make new friends. Which means you need to remove the chip from your shoulder, smile and say hello to someone as they might be just as scared as you are and need a friend worse than you do.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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