Monday, January 16th Is Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, January 16th Is Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Writing Prompts Bundle

Charlie kept telling me yesterday that he would be out of school on Monday January 16th. Only I couldn’t figure out why. Then as I woke up this morning I remembered Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. So I asked Charlie if he knew anything about Martin Luther King.

When Charlie surprised me and told me Martin Luther King Jr.had written a speech and that the speech began with I Have A Dream. Then hen Charlie and I looked up the Martin Luther King Jr’s speech and discussed what it said and why we thought Martin Luther King would begin his speech with I Have A Dream.

So today I have a question for you “Do you have a dream and if so can you share it with us? Do your children have dreams and will they share them with you?

So as Charlie was leaving for school today I wanted to have some worksheets he could work on on Monday while I worked so I found some today I would like to share with you:

The first site I would like to invite you to check out is Writing With Sharon Watson Martin Luther King Jr. Day Writing Prompts Bundle

Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Prompts (30 cards)

Then from Educents I found Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Prompts (30 cards)  as well as the following worksheets Martin Luther King Jr. Unit (Activities, Crafts &More!) 

For more resources on Martin Luther King. Jr you can check out Educents at:

I hope you and your family  enjoyed these resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Now if you have resources for children that teaches us about Martin Luther King Jr. Please come share them with us. As I know I can use more resources to share with Charlie. In the meantime Please do not forget inside this post you will find my affiliate links and if you click on them and make a purchase that I will make a small percentage from the purchase.
Thank you,
Glenda, Charlie and David Cates



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