How Is MongoDB Steadily Becoming Popular With Every Remote DBA Expert? 0

How Is MongoDB Steadily Becoming Popular With Every Remote DBA Expert?

MongoDB is a document-oriented, open source database. It stores all data in JSON like docs. You can change the fields in different documents. This “humongous” database offers one of the most flexible data storage options in the history of RDBMS. It stores all related data together for super-fast query access. You can define structures and field values personally while or after storing the relevant data.

Why use MongoDB?

Oracle might have a strong enterprise followership, but Mongo has a niche clientele, who depend on it for its extraordinary features and services.

  • Mongo has a rich data model, which Oracle does not yet have.
  • Dynamic schema is an inherent quality of the MongoDB.
  • It removes the complex object-relational mapping layer require in relational data tables.
  • Mongo is a lot easier for new programmers, entrepreneurs, and junior DBAs to master as compared to Oracle and Oracle Enterprise editions.

While using Mongo, you may not even need professional DBA help. However, if you have no idea about databases and relational database structures, it will be much easier for you to invest in a remote DBA company. Reliable ones like provide you with senior database administrator assistance in data storage and database maintenance.

Editing data storage is quite easy in a Mongo database. You can just insert, remove and update fields to change the structure of records. You can represent hierarchical models with relative ease. Other complex structures are not impossible either on Mongo databases. Since it is open source, you will find regular updates to the NoSQL database and relevant data related storage solutions in the forum. It is one of the few open source RDBMS which offers extensive scalability. It is ideal for small businesses and start-ups, which are expecting to see a massive growth in the future.  

Is MongoDB truly better than Oracle?

Oracle and Mongo share a huge portion of their query languages. Both rely on SQL for primary DB queries. Relational database management is quite easy and straightforward with SQL programming language in coordination with MongoDB. As of 2017, most entrepreneurs save about 70% by switching to MongoDB from Oracle and similar database choices.

It has next to nil downtime while scaling up or scaling down. It is a refreshing change from Oracle’s sophisticated engineering and hardware requirements during the scale-up process. Mongo has many versions for advanced needs. Mongo Enterprise and Mongo Professional are the most in demand right now for their unique business features and customizable functions. Single View, Mobile, Cataloging, Website content management and real-time analytics use MongoDB on a regular basis.

If you want to save some money while getting your company the best database management software possible, you should try MongoDB. This open source RDBMS makes sure that the data table management is simple yet efficient at all the relational layers of your data elements.

Author bio: Simon Thorpe is an RDBMS analyst. He has changed the way smaller businesses perceive SQL and NoSQL DBMS. His work with is unique and rewarding in the development of remote assistance programs for corporate database management.

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