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Last week I was invited out to a private Blogger party at Natural Grocers. Since none of my family had ever been inside Natural Grocers I knew I wanted to attend the event. Although it didn’t say if the event was open to our families attending as well. I went out on a limb and asked about Charlie joining me since he is running his own blog. As well as Homeschooling now because I thought he might find new and different items he could cook in his cooking class.

I was so excited when Natural Grocers answered my email and said that he would be able to attend the event with me. Once we arrived there were even other kids for Charlie to hang out with. As well as a small coloring table and crayons for him to color on. All the children were invited to try the food that was prepared. Which surprised Charlie as I hadn’t told him he would be able to.

I had so much fun just watching David and Charlie wander through Natural Grocers looking at all the new and unique items that we didn’t know existed. From items for David to take care of his beard with. To unique fruits and vegetables, they hadn’t heard of but was willing to try out. All three of us can’t wait to go back to purchase groceries for our home.

David surprised me once dinner was served as he tried so many different foods that he normally wouldn’t try. Including beets which were turned into Roasted Beet Hummus and I even saw David return for a second helping so I know he really enjoyed it a lot. Then David tried out the Organic Herb Pesto and asked if we would be able to make it at home. I almost fainted as I wasn’t expecting that.

Charlie and I tried out the Grass Feed Beef Sliders, Smoked Gouda, Organic Tomato and Chlorophyll Aioli and I must tell you this meat tasted better than any Hamburger either Charlie or I have ever had in the past. Since that night all Charlie has been asking for dinner is Sliders made from Grass Fed Beef. For those that no, Charlie this is huge as he doesn’t usually eat the meat of any kind.

I loved being able to watch them prepare the Sliders in their test kitchen and that it can be rented for events and different things. Including Girl Scout troops can come and cook and earn their badges as that would mean Boy Scouts could as well. Once I left there that evening my mind was racing and I can’t wait until Charlie and I meet some other Homeschooling parents as I would like to see if we can set up a cooking class there once a week or month whatever they would allow. As it would get the children out of the house and into a safe learning environment.

One thing I would like to point out is Natural Grocers are family-run and have been since 1955. Born in Golden, Colorado, and now we’re expanding our footprint in the DFW area. We want to hang out with you, enjoy some great food and show you around the store. Their children still manage the stores. 

If you’re looking for all natural health and beauty products you will find them here and they even have a list of items they will not carry. Which you can ask to see and with all of Charlie’s stomach troubles and Dry Skin I can’t wait to check out the items they do carry. As I think they will help Charlie out a lot. I like knowing there is an expert in the store we can ask questions to at any time and who will help us find doctors if we need them.

If you haven’t heard of Natural Grocers there are three stores in Fort Worth and one of those is in Keller and I can’t wait to visit it. As well as a couple more opening up soon. If you’re in Dallas they also have Natural Grocers s in your area. Which one day I might even get brave enough to visit as long as someone else drives as I don’t do Dallas, Traffic.

This is the Location: of the Natural Grocers my family visited: For anyone who grows up in Fort Worth and remembers the Old Montgomery Wards on 7th Street they are right across from where it was located. Centrally located to foods and shopping of all kinds. The perfect outing for our families on a day we just want to get out of the house for a little bit.

2501 West 7th St., Fort Worth

While there they touched on the subject of ” how most people think ORGANIC is more expensive.” Natural Grocers items are comparable to any store in Dallas/ Fort Worth which I liked knowing. Because I was one of those people who thought the items would cost me more and is one of the reasons I hadn’t ever gone into there store. Although now that I know that we plan on doing our grocery shopping at Natural Grocers as we will get a better quality of food which is safer than products we purchase in other stores. Also, they will taste better and I can see David and Charlie trying new foods that they wouldn’t usually try.

Five Facts About Natural Grocers:

1. Nutrition Education

2. Highest Quality Products

3.  Affordable Pricing

4. Commitment to our Community

5. Commitment to our Employees

I could go on and on about our visit and the things we learned but what I would like to tell you is once again God is opening doors for my family and even though we don’t know why we are invited to places once we arrive the reason becomes clear and I can tell you this happened to my family the other night. As I was speaking to one of the hosts and she has given me some new ideas about Charlie and his stomach problems and I know I can go back to the store for more help and that I will not be bothering someone. Or that I will be made to feel stupid and that they will listen to me and help me out.

So this morning all I can say is thank God for  Natural Grocers

Be watching as I was Blessed with a goody bag of items that Charlie and I want to share with you but Charlie has asked me to wait until he is at home with me to go over each item with you. Once he has his review done I will come back to share it with you. In the meantime have a Blessed week and Please take the time to check out  Natural Grocers.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates




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