I would like to share a new Press Release with you. Inside the Press Release you will learn about Lynne Lambert and her company NYC Subway Line. Now you might ask why a girl from Fort Worth, Texas would like to have items from New York.

The reason is Suzzane and her big sister Stevie went to NYC during Christmas and since I will never get to take Suzzane and I might never be able to go. I will still have a part of Suzzane with me as I have items she would have loved.

There are Gift SETS available for those on your Holiday List!  Great gift ideas at real savings! has an entire new section of their website devoted to these pairings.

Perfect tees, hats and accessories both for those who live in NYC and everyone who LOVES NYC!  Men, Women, Students, and Kids!

Lynne Lambert is a long-time NYC Voice Over actor who created the concept of NYC Subway wearables under license from the MTA in 1996.  Her company makes a wide range of stylish tees, bags, hats, wallets and other accessories for Men, Women, Infants and Kids.

Be watching after Christmas as I will be conducting a review for them in exchange for sharing this news release.  The thoughts in the review will be mine and mine alone.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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