Planet Box Makes Packing Lunches Fun

Planet Box Makes Packing Lunches FunPlanet Box Makes Packing Lunches Fun

Before Charlie got out of school for the Christmas Holidays he had asked if he could take his lunch once school resumed. So I reminded Charlie he didn’t have a lunch kit as he had lost his lunch kit.  I didn’t know where Charlie had lost it and I let him know I wasn’t getting him another lunch kit.

Only what Charlie didn’t know was there was a lunch kit  under the Christmas tree for him from PlanetBox. The lunch kits from PlanetBox are totally different from anything Charlie had in the past. They are made out of metal so these lunch kit would last a lot longer than lunch kits you purchase in a store.

So on Christmas day Charlie opened his present up and when he got to the package from PlanetBox  Charlie opened up the lunch kit then he asked if he could make his lunch right then. So I knew PlanetBox was a huge hit and something Charlie would use again and again.

Then Charlie checked out the Carry Bag  PlanetBox  in red  that went over The Rover  lunch kit and the pocket on the front of the carry bag  where Charlie  can put his lunch money.  Charlie thought that the pockets was very cool. Plus he liked knowing one pockets was open and said he would like to use it to hold his pencil as well as notes from me or his dad.

Then I had Charlie unzip The Rover lunch kit  and we looked inside it at the containers and the magnets The Rover comes with and for Charlie I picked out the Rock Star magnets  as Charlie has always loved music. So then I helped Charlie put the magnets on and he thought that they  was so cool and he loved how easy the magnets  went on and how well they stayed on the lunch kit.

Then I asked Charlie if he would like to visit the website of PlanetBox to see what other stickers and colors of cases they had and he said he would like to check it out. So we spent some time looking around the website at the three different styles and  he picked out a lunch kit he would like to get David for Valentines day.

Once we where  done on the website I had Charlie open up the lunch kit and showed him the bowls that was inside it and he says they are perfect for Macaroni and Cheese as well as Ranch Dip for the nuggets he likes to take to to lunch

There is evnt a spot inside the lunch kit that will hold his silverware if Charlie needs to take some to school. Once we removed the big bowl I saw the square it fits into would hold a sandwich.

Plus there is a small bowl that would be perfect for dipping sauces or even Salad Dressing if you wanted to take a salad to work. So I might have to borrow Charlies lunch kit  so I can take my lunch one day.

Once we closed the lunch  kit I showed Charlie how it locks and he tried it out himself as he wanted to see if he could open it and also lock it with out needing help and he did just fine with both things.

So for our family PlanetBox will make lunch time more fun and unique and allow us to save time as we fix our lunches. Plus it will allow Charlie to take new and different foods to lunch. As,  well keeping the hot foods  the foods warm and the foods that need to remain cold cold.


The Rover is designed for those who prefer to sample a wide variety of foods with smaller serving sizes.

  • Holds nearly 4.5 cups of food, which happily satisfies most children and adults
  • Great for variety and versatility
  • Designated place for a little treat
  • Each Rover includes 1 Big Dipper and 1 Little Dipper

Charlie  also received PlanetBox BottleRocket in 18 ounces with a Blue Cap which will allow Charlie to carry his drinks in when Charlie goes on Field Trips. Or we are out bike riding and exercising at the park.  I love that the cap locks on as it will not fall off when we are outside walking. Plus it comes with a drinking spot and I like how it is made of plastic as it makes the drinks coming out of it easy to get. Plus it will not spill and you would not get to much at one time. Plus I like that the bottle is made of stainless steel so it will not crack or break.

Blast off with a Bigger, Brighter, Bolder bottle!

  • Easy-to-drink, soft spout – no loud “sucking” noises when drinking
  • Unique latch – simple for little hands to open and lock tight
  • Leak-proof cap and bottle – cap stays open when drinking, and keeps drinking spout clean when closed
  • Holds 18.8oz/555ml/2.4 cups. Holds enough to stay hydrated. Fits well in most cup holders and bicycle bottle cages. Perfect size for older kids and adults
  • No lining or metallic taste – high quality stainless steel
  • No plastic in contact with your drink
  • Double-walled and vacuum-insulated – doesn’t sweat
  • Easy clean – unlike other bottles, ours is designed so all parts can get thoroughly cleaned. No straws to clean

Thank you for taking the time to read “PlanetBox Makes Packing Lunches Fun”. I hope you enjoyed learning about Planet Box and The Rover lunch kit as well as BottleRocket. Now I have a question for you have you used any of these items and if os what did you think of them and why?

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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