Poster My Wall from Review

Poster My Wall from Review

I would like to remind you this is a review I am conducting for Poster My Wall and and I will be sent a code so I can purchase a poster of my own. But the thoughts in this review for Poster My Wall from are mine and mine alone.

Hello, and how are you this morning? It seems like forever since I have sat down and written a post about a item I would like to get for our home. So today I am excited to share with you a new company called  Poster My Wall from

Charlie has always liked having posters to hang on the walls in his room. And as a child I was the same way. And even as a adult I do not mind having  posters in my office and bedroom. So with us redoing the house I knew I wanted to check out Poster My Wall to see if they had some posters that would fit in our bedroom or my office. As I can customize them to fit the themes we are using in our home.

And if not if they had some posters Charlie would like that he can make for his Aunt and grandparents. As it would be a new and unique gift they hadn’t gotten in the past. And I can get the ones Charlie makes  for him for  Christmas as well. Because as we all know it is right around the corner. So know is the perfect time to get started Christmas Shopping.

And I also will be making these for the friends parents Charlie plays with as Aidan plays Football and Bradley plays Baseball and I know it isn’t anything either mom would get themselves. And since they always have Charlie over to play it would be nice to give them a “Thank you Gift”.

And I also think Poster My Wall would make a nice Gift for the teachers Charlie has as he could put anything he wants on the posters. And if his friends wanted to help they could all put there pictures on the poster so the teacher would always have them with her.

Great end of season gifts for the Team:

T-ball ruled our lives for 3 months, every Monday and Saturday, from March to June. I watched the kids throw, catch, hit and run around with their friends. And when the season ended, a few of the other team moms and I wanted to gift a little something to the team.

The coaches bought the kids cute bobble-head trophies and medals, so we decided to gift them collages. At first, one mom offered to print photos and make a DIY collage. While we all loved the idea, we knew that project would take hours – with over 20 kids on the team, plus 3 coaches, we didn’t want anyone to sit, cut, glue and shop for frames.

Luckily, someone mentioned PosterMyWall. Thank goodness!!! The site was easy to use, and with a little help from their gallery of templates and online tools, we were able to create two different types of collages.

For the coach, we used their team pic and this quote: “A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are.” Ara Parasheghian

For each player, we made of a collage out of the best team candids. To personalize each kid’s gift, we added their team solo pic, name, number and team name/year. We used the site’s Color Pop feature to make each individual stand on their respective poster. It looked pretty cool.

The moms and I decided to buy the photo quality digital downloads and print at a nearby Costco. But PosterMyWall also offers offers different types of prints and even bulk download options! Checkout this page if you want more info on their products and shipping prices:

Anyway, at the team pizza party, we presented these gifts. Of course, the kids loved them for about 5 seconds before something else piqued their interest, but at least their parents have a nice keepsake for the season 🙂

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