Progress Report Card Time for Charlie

Progress Report Card Time for Charlie

There isn’t a day that goes by that either David or I don’t pick Charlie up from school. And on the days I pick Charlie up which is most of the time I check his back pack and make sure he has his homework. As well as any papers I need to fill out. So I knew it was “Progress Report Card Time for Charlie” the other day.

And I ask the teachers questions and have mentioned time and time again that if Charlie is having trouble that they just need to let me know what to work on and I will help Charlie practice those items.

So I was floored this week when we recieved the Progress Reports to see a lot of Charlies grades had dropped and that he was flunking Reading and Literature Appre.

So my question is how can that be when Charlies Reading and Literature Appre. teacher is Mrs. Williams Charlies homeroom teacher and the one I talk to the most as she is the one who lets Charlie out each day.

So I have a qustion for you this afternoon wouldn’t you be angry and don’t you think the teacher owes me a explanation? As the other day I asked her what had happened and all she said was that was from the last test.  And Charlie has taken another test that hasn’t been recorded yet and she would try and check and see what he made on it and let me know today?

Because let me tell you when I went over this with David he went “BALLASTIC” and is planning on going and talking to the principal today and Charlie is worried its going to get him into trouble.

And he thinks Mrs. Cates the teacher who helps him in math will not help him anymore and that they may move him back to second grade. And this morning when I dropped Charlie off he was crying.

And let me tell you this made me feel like a heel. And I almost told Charlie to just come back home with me. But I knew that wasn’t the answer so I left him at school and can’t wait to find out how his day went today. And what he made on the last test.

As we only have one week until Report Cards come out and I just don’t think there will be enough time to raise his reading grade. And again I think its his teachers fault for not letting us know Charlie was flunking.

1st Semester                                                      This Semester


72                                                                                   79

Read/Lit Appre                                                           55

84                                                                                  83

Math 66 which I expected

Science 90                                                                    88

Social Studies 81                                                         72

Conduct E

Work Habits E

Health E

Handwriting S

Music E

Physical Ed E

Art S

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates


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