Putting together the Christmas Guide

Putting together this years Christmas Guide always brings surprises. Because I contacted a company that sells Maternity Dresses. Who to  my surprise the company  back and let me know they would like to be in the Christmas Gift Guide.

So I went ahead and agreed to work with them as I always know there is a reason why God has a company agree to work with me. So the dress arrived and I loved it and put it aside as I wasn’t sure who to Gift the dress to.

Only once again God already had plans in the works as on Christmas Eve Toby and Leslie David’s youngest daughter let us know they are expecting there first baby in June or July.

So, I knew being able to review this dress was Gods way of preparing us for a new baby in our family.  Toby is  in the Military they live in Fort Hood.

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So I am putting together a Goody Box for them as I wasn’t able to give Leslie the dress at Christmas and I am including it and a toy I have for the baby.

As I asked Granny Sherry what she thought of the dress and if it was something Leslie would use  and she says it is as it is Les favorite shade of green.

Plus, she has been talking about breast feeding the new baby and this dress will allow her to do that and keep her covered at all times. Leslie is also tall  and I wasn’t sure if the dress would be long enough for her but I held it up to David as they are almost the same height and it will come right to her knees which is where Leslie likes the dresses she wears to come to.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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