Sneak Peeks of Leslie and Tobi’s Baby Album

I wanted to give you some Sneak Peeks of Leslie and Tobi’s Baby Album. David and I have Nancy Moore Smith creating the baby album. Nancy is the owner of   Heart to Heart Soul Creations which you can find on Facebook.

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Now, I have a question for you which of these three pages do you like the most and why? As for me I like all of them but I love the babies clothes line as it has a lot of orange in it and that is Les favorite color.

If Les and Toby had had a real Wedding and had more pictures from it I would have Nancy do them a Wedding album as well. As the page below would make a wonderful addition to a wedding album.

So as Friday approaches I am getting more and more excited as this is when the book will be finished and we can see the whole thing. As Nancy will only share with me bits and pieces.

So even though David has asked me I haven’t been able to see the front of the album and it is driving me up the wall. As I really want to know what Nancy did for it.

In the meantime stay tuned as Les shower is on Sunday and if things work out the way I hope they do David will be getting off at noon so we can attend. As I know I would be able to go without David but that just doesn’t feel right to me. Especially since David’s ex wife and kids will be there.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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