With Spring Break here this last week Pley would have helped.

With Spring Break here this last week Pley would have helped. As I had plenty of plans for Charlie and I. As we wanted to go outside and play Soccer. And spend lots of time at the park. As well as visit Charlie’s grandmother. But it seems God had other plans for us during Spring Break.

Pley Toy Rental

As my father came down last weekend. And I figured he would return home on Monday. But he decided to stay for a couple weeks. And he has had a stroke and in a lot of ways is like a small child. So Charlie and I have been stuck in the house most of Spring Break.

But like I have mentioned to Charlie and David that is OK because one day my dad may not be here. And also like my dad mentioned with his Health deteriorating he isn’t sure if he will be able to come back down. So we are all on pins and needles trying to not upset him in any way. And this has been so hard on each of us.

And since my dad will be here through Easter and I was trying to decide what to get Charlie for Easter. David and I have decided to sign Charlie up for a month of Pley. As it is a online toy service. And Charlie will be able to create a wishlist and pick out toys he wants to try out. And once he is done with them we will just send them back in and request a new toy.

Pley Legos

And I love knowing Pley does this as it will always allow Charlie to have new toys to play with and it will not cost us a fortune buying new toys. And with Pley offering Legos we can use them in school. And some of the toys Pley has to offer is very expensive and not something David and I could afford. So this will allow Charlie to try out toys I can not afford.

And it also will help his room remain clean and I will not have to find room for more toys as we will return these to Pley once he is done playing with them. And if he wants to rent them again we can. And if we order a toy from Pley and Charlie doesn’t like it I can jus return it. And we wouldn’t be out any money.

And I love that there is so many toys from all different companies that Charlie will not run out of toys to play with. And that we can set up a wishlist and at Christmas his grandparents and Aunt can purchase a Gift Card for Charlie to prolong his membership to Pley.

toy image

And I like knowing there is not only toys but also learning items. And that Pley offers toys Charlie wants to try out. Like Minecraft which I know nothing about. And I haven’t wanted to spend the money on as I wasn’t sure Charlie would actually like them. So know he can try Minecraft out and if he doesn’t I can return them. And not be out any money. So to me this is a win/win. And to David as well as he wouldn’t have to take Charlie or I to Walmarts. Or even spend money on toys he doesn’t think Charlie needs as he has enough David says.

But with us Homeschooling Charlie David doesn’t say that much anymore as he knows most of the toys we have is used for Homeschool. And also to keep Charlie focused. As he still has problems sitting still so we have been getting quite a few board games and puzzles for Charlie. But Charlie is getting tired of them. So Pley will be a huge asset to our family.

So I hope you take the time to check out Pley. Because even though Spring Break is over and Easter will be gone before we know it there is still plenty of reasons to use Pley. And if your a teacher you should check into Pley for your classroom. As I know your students would enjoy it. And Pley isn’t just for boys but girls as well. And they also have items for toddlers as well as older kids. And even as a adult I found quite a few items I wouldn’t mind playing with. And I know David did as well.

Pley Easter

So be watching to see what Charlie picks out to try out from Pley. And let’s see if he choses the Minecraft toys. Or if he goes for the Remote Control Cars. Or Batman toys. And I also say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. So we may be waiting a while to see what he chooses as he loves all of them. And there is Superhero toys  as well. Which my daughter Suzzane would have wanted if she was still here and able to play with toys.

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Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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