Stem Camp From Steve Spangler Science

Stem Camp From Steve Spangler Science

I have been talking to David about sending Charlie to Summer Camp this year. Except I am not sure I really want Charlie gone almost a full week. Nor, am I sure Charlie is ready to do that. So today I would like to talk to you about Stem Camp From Steve Spangler Science.

Which means I am looking for other avenues and fun things we can do this Summer that will help Charlie  in school. Especially since we have gotten the results back as Charlie is Dyslexic. I want to make 4th grade as easy as possible for Charlie.

I got up this morning and was going through emails  I found a email from Steve Spangler Science.  I started thinking Charlie would  really enjoy the classes from Steve Spangler Science a  lot as Charlie enjoys Science. This  would also give Charlie a chance to use math and reading this Summer in a new and unique way so I plan on ordering these science classes from Steve Spangler Science as soon as possible.

Amazing Science Projects Every Month

Since I decided to order the classes from Steve Spangler Science for Charlie  I thought you might like to check them out as well. Or you might already use Steve Spangler Science in your classroom and if so what do you think about it? What did you like about it and what didn’t you like about Steve Spangler Science?

Amazing Science Projects Every Month

Remember when every kid on the block wanted to go to science camp? Here at Steve Spangler Science, we want to keep that tradition of summer learning and fun alive with hands-on STEM Camps. We are taking the incredible hands-on experiences you trust us to provide and combining them with new technology, engineering, and math activities and challenges. That’s a STEM mixture you know kids will love.

 STEM Camp Collection (5 Kits)

Our STEM Camp consists of 5 days of activities per pack. You decide the number of children and we will send you 5 days worth of supplies for each child. Each day has a new theme. Our STEM Camp Collection is geared toward ages 5 – 11 years old and includes materials for 2 hours each day.

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Amazing Science Projects Every Month

I have a question for you do you teach your children during the Summer or do you just not teach during the Summer and spend it playing? If you do go to school during the school do you go every day and for how many hours a day? What do you teach your children?

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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