Our Summer Adventure Brought Us To Turner Falls

David returned to work before we were able to visit  Turner Falls Park . Which means I  we wouldn’t be able to get visit Turner Falls Park this year. Although I should never doubt David as he always has surprises up his sleeve for Charlie and I.

Which means I shouldn’t have been surprised last week when David told me as I was packing to go visit my father in Oklahoma that I should make sure we have our swimsuits as David thought we might stop back by Turner Falls Park on our way home.

I was so surprised as I knew we had spent all the money we had set aside for our vacation or at least I had thought we had. Although what I didn’t know was David had set some aside as a last minute treat for Charlie and I. So I could fulfill my dream of taking Charlie to Turner Falls Park

If the truth be told I am not sure who was more excited about being able to visit Turner Falls Park Charlie or I. As I have been wanting to go to   Turner Falls Park for as long as I  could remember. As my sister had been up to Turner Falls Park many times and so had Suzzane.

Now let me tell you why I wanted to visit Turner Falls Park was to create new memories with Charlie  and spend some time with Charlie at a place Suzzane had  loved. Because Suzzane loves swimming just as much as Charlie and I do.

Once we arrived at Turner Falls Park we walked around Turner Falls Park and all I can say is OMG it was so pretty just looking at all the mountains and watching the water cascading over the Falls.

I couldn’t wait to climb into the water and just sit and relax as I knew all the stress I was caring would melt away. We walked to the last pool in Turner Falls Park as there are 3 different Swimming areas.

Once we arrived at the Swimming Pool Charlie  went and sat down as he said he didn’t want to get in. I went on in and walked into the pool which at first was cold  then it warmed up. David joined me in the pool and went out to the middle of the pool. Once  Charlie saw how much fun David was having he decided to meet David in the middle of the Swimming Pool.

I sat and watched Charlie and David play in the Swimming Pool. Then David asked me to look up into the cliffs and I was able to see people climbing on the cliffs/mountains. It was so much fun watching them although I couldn’t do it with my knees.

We got out of this Swimming Pool and walked back towards the front of the Park  to the first Swimming Pool in Turner Falls Park as it had a slide and diving board for Charlie to play on and I could sit and watch him.

As we walked we passed a Castle and Charlie and David went to explore the Castle while I stayed on the ground as there were to many stairs for me to try and climb.

Charlie and David enjoyed looking at the Castle and were amazed there was so much to see. They can’t wait to return to Turner Falls Park as they want to go back to explore the castle.

Once they finished with the Castle we continued on to the Swimming Pool and before we went to it  I stopped in the General Store to look around and Charlie bought a pair of water shoes.  I picked up a shot glass so we would always remember our trip to Turner Falls Park .

Once we were done looking in the General Store  we ventured down to the pool and Charlie and David helped me find a place to sit in the water where I could watch them dive and slide.

As Charlie and David  played I  stretched out and if I wasn’t careful I would have fallen asleep although David and Charlie had different plans for me. So we left that part of the Swimming Pool and walked down the street to the beach and  David helped me get into the pool were  we just played and watched everyone in the Swimming Pool.

I can’t wait to return to Turner Falls Park as Charlie, David and I all had so much fun. In fact I hope we can either camp out in our tent or rent a cabin and spend the night at Turner Falls Park before Charlie returns to school as I think it would be a lot of fun to play in the water at night.

If you haven’t been to Turner Falls Park I hope you take the time to check out Turner Falls Park website and visit there soon. If you have been to Turner Falls Park let me know what your favorite thing is to do there.


Turner Falls Park is the perfect getaway for the whole family!  Beautiful natural swimming areas, wading area, sandy beaches, bath houses, picnic sites, water slides, explore the caves and the Rock Castle, shop at our general store and other stores and don’t forget to grab a yummy burger, snowball, some ice cream, or another delicious treat from our park concessions!




Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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