Summer will be here soon.

Summer will be here soon. What are your Summer plans? As I have been working on things for Charlie to do this Summer. So yesterday I was sent a paper home for Boy Scouts Camp and I am thinking I will enroll Charlie in it.

Plus he might also go to a Church camp with his friend Kayden. If Kayden’s mom Kerry has the money to send him. As I wouldn’t want Charlie to go by himself.

So that still leaves weeks when Charlie will be here and I am trying to work. So I have been putting together a Bucket List for Charlie, David and I to do together.

So I thought you might be looking for new and unique things to do in the summer. So I have shared our Bucket list with you. If there are other things you would like to add to the list leave me a comment as it might be something Charlie would like to do as well.

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  1. Make s’mores or  Hot Dogs outside over a Fire pit.
  2. Go on a hike and this can be a Nature hike or a hike around  your town or neighborhood.
  3. Feed the ducks and look for Fish and Turtles in the water.
  4. Visit your local zoo or a zoo close to your home you haven’t visited before.
  5. Grow a plant from a seed like a watermelon or pumpkin
  6. Grow a garden full of produce or flowers and get the kids in the neighborhood involved
  7. Make snacks for the neighbors or put together packets to take to the local nursing home
  8. Have a water balloon fight or turn on the sprinklers and invite the neighbors
  9. Go fishing and take a picnic lunch to sit on the bank and spend time with those you love.
  10. Watch the sunrise with a breakfast picnic and play your favorite music and dance outside.
  11. Have a slumber party and invite your friends over. Have them bring there favorite snacks. As well as there pets and host a parade.
  12. Make homemade pizzas not only for dinner but also a desert pizza.
  13. Have a family game night and go shopping for a new game you can play outside such as Yard Yatzee.
  14. Drink your favorite Ice cream Float
  15. Go to a local fair such as Grapevine Main Street Days
  16. Visit a farmer’s market and pick up some food for dinner then come home and make dinner for your grandparents
  17. Complete a jigsaw puzzle and frame it to give as a Gift.
  18. Create a time capsule and bury it in your yard
  19. Make tie-dye shirts and wear them out to dinner on the last day of Summer make sure they have the Summer of 2017 so you can always remember this Summer
  20. Have a movie marathon and allow everyone if your family to pick out one movie they would like to share with you.
  21. Stargaze Make sure you have a telescope to look through the stars through.
  22. Visit a Water Park you haven’t been to before.
  23. Visit a Amusement park you haven’t been to before.
  24. Plan a night away Camping or in a Hotel and just veg out
  25. Visit someplace special you have been wanting to visit and haven’t been able to. Such as Scarborough Fair for my family.

Now if you make a Bucket List for your family print it out and check off all the items you do. Then at the end of Summer come back and let me know how many items on your list you was able to complete.

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates

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